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Bouncing back: Devereux Georgia unveils new basketball court mural promoting resilience


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In just a few months, Atlanta-based artist Lisette Correa (left with donor Courtney Hammond) transformed Devereux Georgia’s basketball court into a work of art.

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Correa’s mural features a leopard, palm leaves and various shapes painted in bright colors, with the words, “I am resilient,” and “I can make it through.”

“As someone who experienced childhood trauma, the kids at Devereux Georgia really pulled at my heartstrings. I felt connected to them, and wanted to show them they can get through it, just like I did.”
– Artist Lisette Correa

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Georgia recently unveiled a new mural on its Kennesaw campus created by Atlanta-based artist Correa (also known as Arrrtaddict), titled “I am resilient.”

The mural, which covers an outdoor basketball court, was completed in August and features a leopard, palm leaves and various shapes painted in bright colors, with the words, “I am resilient,” and “I can make it through.”

“The mural is absolutely beautiful – and powerful. We want to thank Lisette and our donors, Courtney Hammond with Dash Studio, Art in the Paint and Marietta Arts Council, for this amazing gift,” said Devereux Vice President of Operations Gwen Skinner. “In just a few months, Lisette transformed our basketball court into a work of art. The court is the perfect place to promote resilience, as we help the children, adolescents and young adults we serve build social and emotional skills, and learn how to ‘bounce back’ from life’s challenges.”

Healing from trauma

During the painting process, Correa and her friend, Lauren Shields, who owns Meraki Mama Collective wellness studio, hosted a meditation session for Devereux Georgia youth.

“Lisette and Lauren built rapport with our youth, and shared stories with them about their own life experiences,” explained Devereux Georgia Recreation Therapy Manager Kristina Murfin-Higel, M.S. “Our youth were engaged throughout the session, and receptive to the guided meditation and breathing activities. Lisette and Lauren made them feel comfortable and safe.”

Lisette noted, “I hope I had just as much of an impact on the kids as they did on me. After I shared my story, a young girl told me, ‘I understand what you’re saying.’ I heard her voice crack, and I could tell she was just as conflicted about her feelings as I was as a child. I want these kids to understand that they can have everything they want and more in life as long as they don’t let their past traumas define them.”

Art is like life

Lisette says creating art, like the basketball court mural, is a lot like life – a lesson she hopes Devereux Georgia youth take with them.

“Art is a lot of small decisions, from what brush size you use to what colors you choose. All of these decisions can make a masterpiece. That’s the same with life. You have to make a lot of small decisions, and if you make a bad one, you have the opportunity to clean your slate and try again. A canvas starts with nothing, but you have the potential to make it something. Your life is truly in your hands.”

Learn more about Devereux Georgia, and learn more about Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.


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