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Devereux Pocono adult expresses gratitude to team member for providing care, support


Sebrina (pictured left), who receives services through Devereux Pocono, recently wrote a letter, expressing her gratitude to Assistant Manager Stacia Gabbidon (pictured right) for providing the best possible support.

At Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, we are committed to helping the children, adolescents and adults in our care thrive and succeed in life.

Recently, an adult who receives services through Devereux Pocono wrote a letter, expressing her gratitude to Assistant Manager Stacia Gabbidon for providing the best possible support.

Look below to read Sebrina’s note of thanks.

“I am very grateful for Stacia who is always there for me when I'm going through hard times. Sometimes, I use Stacia as a sounding board. I talk to her about my day, and she listens and makes me laugh. Sometimes, I talk about medical issues. I am not afraid to tell her what they are because she makes me feel very comfortable. I can be myself around her.

Recently, she was kind enough to take me on an outing so I could get some things I needed from the store. She was very patient while I tried on shoes, which can be challenging to do and they are very hard to find. Stacia always lifts up my spirits no matter what I'm struggling with, and I'm very grateful for that. Sometimes, Stacia knows I'm having a difficult time without me even saying anything. She just knows the right thing to do and the right thing to say to make me smile.

Thank you, Stacia, for everything you've done for me. I cannot put it into words the tremendous impact you’ve had on my life, and for that I'm very grateful.”

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