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Child Welfare / Foster Care

As part of the Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health network and continuum of care, our foster care programs operate with the belief that all individuals deserve a loving, supportive and nurturing family – and a positive home environment – to help them reach their unique potential. 

Devereux impacts the lives of thousands of individuals in the foster care system every year. We care for children – from infancy to 21 years of age – who have been removed from their biological families due to abuse or neglect, and who have been diagnosed with emotional, behavioral and/or cognitive differences. Our foster care programs also offer services for adults who have been diagnosed with mental illness.  

Foster care services – offered in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts/Rhode Island, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania and Texas – include: 

  • Traditional Foster Care (AZ, FL, PA): Foster care homes for children and adolescents that
    provide 24-hour crisis consultation and support to families through our professional staff, as well as
    in-home assistance and foster parent support groups. In Pennsylvania, we accept mother/baby referrals.
  • Therapeutic Foster Care (AZ, FL, GA, MA/RI, NJ, PA): Specially-trained foster parent homes that provide a stable, supportive and highly-supervised home environment for children and adolescents with medical, psychological, social and emotional needs, including youth diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • Treatment Family Program (PA): Specialized, intensive foster care services for youth diagnosed with I/DD and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Treatment parents are supported in a variety of ways, including: service training, support groups, respite care and 24-hour consultation services.
  • Adult Therapeutic Foster Care (AZ, FL, PA): Foster or life-sharing homes specifically designed for adults diagnosed with developmental differences and/or mental illness who need support with daily activities in a family-based setting.
  • Respite Care (AZ, PA): Foster homes offer planned respite care for youth – both in the foster care system and the community – to prevent out of home placements. Devereux also offers respite care
    for adults in our foster care programs.  

Additional child welfare programs include: 

  • Parent Aide (AZ): Devereux Arizona connects youth and families in Pima County by providing transportation services, supervised visitation and parenting support to youth, infants to age 18, and families involved with the Department of Child Safety (DCS). Visits are held in our family center – Emma’s House – which offers a safe, family-friendly environment for children and their parents. 

Foster Parent / Provider Resources 

Our Devereux foster parents/providers are a critical part of each foster individual’s “team” and are trained to: 1) provide a nurturing, caring and structured environment within their homes, and 2) care for those who may have challenging behaviors or special needs.  

All Devereux foster parents/providers receive support from a variety of resources to prevent and reduce stress and family crisis, including:

  • Free training and support groups
  • Frequent consultation with our knowledgeable staff who have expertise working with individuals
    with emotional, behavioral and/or cognitive differences
  • Comprehensive mental health services for the individual; medical care is paid by the state
  • Paid respite care and financial assistance to help with the individual’s food, clothing and personal allowance 

We seek a diverse pool of foster parents/providers who reflect our diverse clientele. Devereux welcomes single, married, partnered, or cohabitating individuals to become foster parents/providers. In addition, Devereux works closely with LGBT foster and adoptive families. As a result of our efforts, our Arizona, Florida and Georgia centers hold the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) “HRC All Children – All Families Seal of Recognition.”  

Please visit our center pages for more details on specific foster care programs and services.