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Parents credit Devereux Pennsylvania with helping son achieve greater independence


Sieberer Family

In May 2023, Jason Sieberer graduated from the Devereux School for Integrated Learning and was discharged to a lower level of care. Pictured from left: Amy, Eric, Jason and Lilly Sieberer.

“Our family will be forever grateful for the care, compassion and services our son received while he was at Devereux.”
– Former Devereux Pennsylvania parent Amy Sieberer

For nearly five years, Amy Sieberer and her husband, Eric, say Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Pennsylvania Children’s Services provided their son, Jason, who has intellectual and developmental disabilities, with the therapeutic support he needed to achieve greater independence and thrive.

In May 2023, Jason graduated from the Devereux School for Integrated Learning and was discharged to a lower level of care.

“There was a time in our lives when it became evident that Jason needed to be placed in a residential treatment facility,” Amy said. “We had heard great things about Devereux, and in touring the campus, we were impressed with the residences, on-site education program and the pool, as Jason loves to swim. We also appreciated the overall kindness and experience of the staff. Devereux provided a highly structured environment, utilizing positive behavioral reinforcement, and Jason adapted well to the program.”

Graduating to the next stage

The Sieberers say they saw consistent growth and improvement in Jason during his time at Devereux Pennsylvania Children’s Services.

“The staff at Devereux was phenomenal. They made an effort to include us, and incorporate our ideas and suggestions into his ongoing program,” Eric explained. “Seeing Jason graduate this year was one of the happiest days of our lives. We were amazed and impressed with the academic progress he made with his teacher and all of the staff.”

Devereux Pennsylvania Children’s Services Executive Director Patricia Hillis-Clark, Psy.D., noted, “We are incredibly proud of Jason and all he accomplished during his five years with us. Every day, we try to help those in our care develop the academic, social, emotional and life skills needed to flourish in their homes, schools and communities. As Jason adjusts to more independent living, we know the future is bright for this young man.”

Enjoying a new routine

This summer, Jason transitioned to a community living arrangement (CLA), and now lives in a supervised apartment.

“We’re all getting used to the new freedom that comes with adult living,” Amy shared. “Jason loves having his own apartment where there is 24-hour staff in attendance. The move from a highly structured program to one he ‘structures’ himself has been a significant adjustment for all of us, especially Jason. But he enjoys his daily walks to a Wawa convenience store to purchase cookies with staff, watching his favorite DVDs, playing ‘Roller Coaster Tycoon’ on his computer, reading books and playing with trains. During his home visits, he enjoys swimming and spending time with family.”

The Sieberers say they would love to see Jason become involved in Special Olympics, cultivate friendships with other adults in his CLA, participate in a day program and, eventually, a vocational program. The couple credits Devereux with helping their son lead his best possible life.

“Devereux provided the perfect program at the right time in our son’s life,” Eric said. “We would highly recommend other parents explore all Devereux has to offer. We found the facilities and programs to be a great match for Jason’s needs.”

Learn more about Devereux Pennsylvania Children’s Services, and learn more about Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.


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