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Devereux New Jersey adult’s poems expressing his emotions published in book


Saul Monaloy, who receives services through Devereux New Jersey, recently had his poems published in a book titled “Ambiance of Love.”

Saul’s parents credit Devereux New Jersey with helping their son lead a meaningful life. Pictured from left: Marko Vukosavovic, Saul, Vicki and Stephen Monaloy.

Saul Monaloy was a senior in high school when he began writing poetry. Influenced and inspired by the rock band, Rush, Saul used his newfound talent to express everything he was feeling at the time – confusion and loneliness, as well as hopefulness and love.

More than 30 years after he first took pen to paper, Saul, who receives services through Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health New Jersey, teamed up with his friend Marko Vukosavovic to write a book titled “Ambiance of Love” that features his poems.

“People can relate to my poems because they’re emotional,” Saul said. “They’re expressing things that people sometimes can’t express themselves. Writing poetry showed me I am somebody and I have something to be proud of – the words came to me and I wrote.”

Capturing emotions, memories

The idea for a book spotlighting Saul’s poems came about after Marko published a book of short stories about his experience growing up in Southern Europe.

“In the beginning, we struggled with what the book was supposed to look like, but then we felt strongly about keeping it as simple as possible with Saul’s poems and some brief introductions,” Marko shared. “From our first conversation about the book, to when it was published, took about a year. It’s a small, but powerful book with beautiful poetry. I wanted to not only capture Saul’s emotions and memories, but also our friendship. Saul is a person who has accomplished so much. Every day, he wants to be better. That’s what the book is about. That’s what his life is about, and it has been amazing to witness.”

Saul noted, “This book is for people like me. I don’t write poetry anymore because I don’t have those same emotions. I’m happier now than ever before. I have a higher self-esteem and am more confident. I’m appreciative of what I have.”

Leading a meaningful life

Saul’s parents, Vicki and Stephen Monaloy, say they are proud of how much their son has grown over the years.

“Writing was an outlet for Saul. He went through a lot of difficulties,” Vicki said. “From when he was a child, until now, you wouldn’t know he was the same person. He’s matured so much. He understands what other people are going through from his own experiences. He keeps evolving, and it makes me feel good to see that.”

Stephen credits Devereux New Jersey with helping Saul lead a meaningful and productive life.

“Saul has shown tremendous improvement. Devereux was a major force in providing him with a solid foundation and therapeutic techniques to help him become who he is today,” Stephen explained. “Devereux taught him to take into account other people’s perspectives and that he may not always be right. Saul has expressed to me that he ‘feels blessed’ and appreciates life.”

Integrating into the community

One of the things Saul is most appreciative of, is his job. He works part time at Whole Foods.

“The staff at my group home taught me how to use the bus. That enabled me to shop for myself and go to work,” Saul shared. “I got the job at Whole Foods because of my discipline and commitment. I’ve been working there almost eight years. I love it and they love me. I’m a leader, not through authority, but through inspiration. I’m happy, outgoing and never have any bad days.”

Devereux New Jersey Executive Director Eric Eberman, M.S.Ed., said, “We are extremely proud of Saul and all he has achieved, not only with his book, but in every aspect of his life. He has come so far during his time with us – he is self-aware, focused and determined to succeed. Our goal is to help all of the individuals in our care live their best possible lives, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Saul.”

Saul and Marko’s book, “Ambiance of Love,” can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Learn more about Devereux New Jersey, and learn more about Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.


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