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‘Model employee:’ Devereux New Jersey adult excels at job in local community


Since he first began working at Wawa in October 2022, Mark Toman, who receives services through Devereux New Jersey, has made a positive impact on his customers, colleagues and store operations.

“I enjoy working at Wawa. This has been one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had, and I plan to stay here a long time.”
Mark Toman, Devereux New Jersey adult

Since he first began working at a Wawa convenience store in Augusta, New Jersey, in October 2022, Mark, who receives services through Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health New Jersey, has made a positive impact on his customers, colleagues and store operations.

Mark is enrolled in Devereux New Jersey’s supported employment program, which helps adults living with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences secure and maintain meaningful and competitive employment in the community, and achieve a greater level of independence. Mark works 20 hours per week as head of the store’s cooler section.

“I like the people I work with, and my bosses. I couldn’t ask for a better job,” said Mark. “In the cooler, I make sure nothing is expired. I rotate products using the FIFO (first in, first out) method, and make sure products are in the correct place.”

Devereux New Jersey Program Manager Miriam Khatri noted, “Since starting at Wawa, Mark has improved the level of customer service for the whole store. He is beloved by his fellow employees, and is an asset to his workplace.”

Recognition for a job well done

One of the things Mark enjoys most about working at Wawa is the positive atmosphere.

“I have friendly co-workers, great bosses and there’s plenty of room to excel in the company,” Mark explained. “Working there I have learned the importance of time management, team engagement and that customers always come first.” Mark’s servant leader spirit and commitment to excellence is what has garnered the attention of Wawa leadership.

In a letter to Mark, Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens wrote, “You’re the complete definition of a Values Champion, and add a little bit of sunshine to everyone’s day. I was so blown away when I read about your commitment to Doing Things Right and the way you spread happiness, one cup of coffee, hoagie and smile at a time. … Thank you for bringing your dedication and love for what you do to our company and to your team every day.”

In addition, Zachary Danciak, the general manager of the Wawa store where Mark works, called him a “model employee,” and commended him for “all of the hard work, Servant Leadership, willingness to go above and beyond every day, and staying on task.”

A future of endless possibilities

Mark credits Devereux New Jersey with helping him remain positive and discover ways to improve his work-life balance. As for his goals for the future? Mark hopes to continue working at Wawa.

“I want to move up within the company, and help out as much as possible,” he shared.

Devereux New Jersey Executive Director Eric Eberman, M.S.Ed., added, “We know Mark can accomplish anything he sets his mind to in life. He leads by example, and is kind and respectful. Every day, we strive to help those in our care reach their goals and thrive. Mark has flourished into a consummate professional and ultimate team player, dedicated to supporting his customers and co-workers. We cannot wait to see what he achieves next.”

Learn more about Devereux New Jersey, and learn more about Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.


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