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Servant Leadership Snapshot

Devereux’s talented and hard-working team members lead to serve, while inspiring others to learn and grow. Our “Servant Leadership Snapshot” series shines a light on exemplary servant leaders across our organization who empower all those around them to be their best selves. Look below to read features written by these compassionate collaborators as they help their teams, programs, departments and centers reach even greater heights through Servant Leadership.


Diane Howell, Director of FinanceDiane Howell

Center/office location: Devereux Pocono - Newfoundland

Length of service: 1982

How do you embed an inclusive, Servant Leadership mindset into your daily processes?

Fortunately, Servant Leadership has always been embedded in the culture at Devereux Pocono. So, when we began rolling it out as an organization-wide cultural initiative a few years ago, it felt very familiar. Being a smaller center has its advantages, and one of them is being in tune and involved with other departments in a way that allows me to share ideas that will hopefully have a positive impact. I value and encourage teamwork, as it’s been our driving force over the years. Personally, I’m committed to principles and sound objectives, and I truly believe we all play a much larger role than we would have ourselves believe.

How do you inspire others to embrace Servant Leadership practices?

I try to remember the support and mentoring I have received throughout my career, and pass it on. I think it’s important that we hold ourselves and each other accountable every day, and have open, honest conversations with those we work alongside. I try to encourage others to speak openly and honestly, be consistent, and play by the rules - it’s not always easy, but it’s more than worth it. I also try to motivate and empower others by creating an environment of trust and assistance, and if you are supporting our mission, I will always be your strongest advocate.

Share an example or story of how you demonstrated compassion or delivered quality customer service at your center.

Being director of finance, sometimes, wants versus needs is a consideration, and our fiscal strength lies in prudent spending and proper oversight. However, if our individuals need something that will help them achieve their goals, or make their lives better, I’ll do what I have to do, to make it work. All that’s needed is honest, open dialogue with examination of the data, and if you can incorporate that into a spreadsheet, the day just got better.