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Servant Leadership Snapshot

Devereux’s talented and hard-working team members lead to serve, while inspiring others to learn and grow. Our “Servant Leadership Snapshot” series shines a light on exemplary servant leaders across our organization who empower all those around them to be their best selves. Look below to read features written by these compassionate collaborators as they help their teams, programs, departments and centers reach even greater heights through Servant Leadership.


Diana Carrasquillo, Residential ManagerDiana Carrasquillo

Center/office location: Devereux New York - Red Hook

Length of service: September 2019

How do you embed an inclusive, Servant Leadership mindset into your daily processes?

My role is characterized by serving our individuals, as well as leading my team. The fundamental purpose of my job is to care for our individuals and to assist my co-workers in providing the best possible service and support. I ensure those with whom I work are fully prepared for their daily tasks so our individuals’ needs are met. I encourage my team to help maintain an environment full of compassion, empathy and respect, with the sole purpose of fostering a community where our individuals and staff feel that every day spent together is a positive experience.

How do you inspire others to embrace Servant Leadership practices?

I inspire others by setting an example for them to follow. I encourage staff to perform in a manner that promotes an optimal environment for the individuals we serve, and positively reinforces the importance of their role.

Share an example or story of how you demonstrated compassion or delivered quality customer service at your center.

I work with children who have trouble expressing themselves, and some, who have a hard time controlling their emotions and behaviors. I recognize the emotional distress of individuals and work quickly to de-escalate situations using coping skills and techniques learned through Devereux trainings. I also support individuals who miss their families. I create positive experiences for them by recognizing and celebrating their accomplishments. I also let them know how lucky I am to be here for them, and give them hope by telling them good things are coming their way. Letting them know they matter and seeing their smiles erase sadness, is the best feeling I have experienced while working at Devereux.