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Parents explain why they turned to Devereux Pocono to support son

Evon and Rick Peet recently wrote a letter to Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health team members, explaining why they wanted their son to receive services through Devereux Pocono, and praising the organization for its commitment to excellence and quality of care. Look below to read their heartfelt letter.

Dear Devereux,

We are writing to acknowledge several matters of great importance to us as a family with a son in Devereux Pocono’s residential facility. Let us begin by saying Devereux was our Plan A. We never had a Plan B. If our son couldn’t be at Devereux, he wasn’t going anywhere! Let us tell you why.

The Devereux team – local, regional and national – operates at a standard of excellence that few others can rival. Devereux is progressive in its approach to preventative measures, and is forward-leading in areas of training, teaching and staff development, both personally and professionally.

Team members are not confined by tunnel vision, but rather, have a broad approach to suggestions, recommendations, fresh perspectives and relevant high-quality resources. Their hallmarks of transparency and accountability rank them among the leading contenders for the health and safety of staff and residents alike.

But, the most important thing we can say about Devereux, is that its heart of service extends far beyond the technical and mechanical aspects of the organization, and truly makes Devereux what it is today. Regardless of the level of dialogue that any given issue demands, staff “show up” with care and compassion that demonstrates their authenticity and the condition of their heart toward those they serve.

One of the common phrases that encompass today’s language of operation is “best practices.” We would submit that, while following best practices is Devereux’s signature course of action with regard to procedural issues, Devereux’s heart of service is what drives its dedication to its mission, and what makes it whole and able to respond, comply or address issues on any level.

These are just some of the reasons we had no Plan B, and why we are so grateful that our son is able to enjoy the benefits of the best of the best!

Warm regards,
Evon and Rick Peet

About Devereux Pocono

Devereux Pocono provides a wide array of programs and services for individuals – ages 2 through life span – with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and emotional and behavioral differences. Located throughout northeast Pennsylvania, Devereux Pocono is dedicated to empowering individuals to discover their innate strengths, talents and potential to live meaningful and productive lives. Services include: life sharing, employment options, school-to-work transition, behavioral support services and children’s behavioral health services.

Learn more about Devereux Pocono, and learn more about Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.


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