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STARR (Short Term Assessment and Rapid Reintegration) Program

The Devereux STARR (short-term assessment and rapid reintegration) program has two locations in Massachusetts. This program provides short-term placement services for youth, ages 6 to 12, requiring immediate behavioral healthcare support.

The STARR program offers stabilization services in a highly structured environment. The primary focus is on identifying and treating safety and risk factors, as well as barrier behaviors. One of the main goals of this program is to help reintegrate youth back into their families or the next appropriate placement or level of care in the shortest time period possible, usually within a matter of days. To achieve this goal, we help the youth and family develop a strength-based, individualized treatment plan.

Individual and group therapy sessions assist the youth and family in developing safe, adaptive and healthy coping skills that support his or her return to the family home.

Youth undergo comprehensive assessments to inform future planning, as well as identify their strengths and needs and those of their family. Devereux provides specific and evidenced-based best practices to ensure the highest quality of care for each youth.

Individuals who participate in the Devereux STARR program may continue to be enrolled in the most recent school they attended or in a school where the STARR program is located. The STARR program works collaboratively with the school district and school personnel to ensure the student’s educational needs are met. We also work with the youth, his or her family, the referring agency and the school to address factors that may act as barriers to attendance, while also identifying previously effective strategies that promote school attendance and positive school performance.

Placement to a STARR program must be made directly through an office of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.