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Advanced Philosophy of Care

  • Individualized, evidence-based interventions
  • Effective and accountable programs delivered with compassion – Meeting the “Devereux Family Standard”
  • System-wide, trauma-informed, data-driven, positive behavioral approach to care
  • Meaningful family engagement and community connection

The Devereux Family Standard of Care

The Devereux Family Standard of Care demands that, at all times, our programs, practice settings and systems of care match the high levels of quality and compassion of those we would choose for our own family members. Devereux has adopted the following language, defining the Family Standard:

  • Devereux will operate programs of such excellence that every employee would entrust their own family member to its care.
  • Devereux will consistently deliver evidence-based, high-quality, safe programs, rooted in empathy, respect and admiration for the people we serve and their families.
  • Devereux will foster the contentment, dignity and individual success of those entrusted to our care by cultivating skills, providing supports and strengthening pathways to healthy engagement with self, family, community and the future.
  • Grounded in a culture of genuine care, and demonstrating consistency, good communication and fundamental respect for those we serve, we will never stop working to be worthy of the trust our families place in us.
  • For those in our care, and those who love them, we will strive to deliver peace of mind and a positive vision of the future every day.

The Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Model of Care™

The Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Model of Care™ integrates the latest scientific and medical advancements with time-tested philosophies and compassionate family engagement to provide practical, effective and efficient care, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve, and the world around them.

Our advanced services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment, diagnostics and measurement to support data-driven care
  • Evidence-based treatment and special education
  • Transition and independent life services
  • Family education and professional training
  • Research and innovation to advance the field
  • Advocacy, public awareness and prevention