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Group Homes

Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island has a long history of providing therapeutic treatment to youth in group home settings. We are proud to have helped hundreds of individuals return to their homes, foster care or independent living environments.

To promote successful community living, our group home services include: psychoeducational groups; individual skills training; crisis support; clinical oversight of care coordination; development and implementation of behavior support plans; vocational training; family treatment; and recreational activities.

Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island’s group home programming emphasizes skill generalization to provide age-appropriate, normalizing experiences, and encourages friendships with peers in the community. Participation in regular community-based activities is encouraged, as well as hobbies and activities, including:

  • Volunteering and providing community service
  • Mentoring and support groups
  • Grocery shopping
  • Banking
  • Church groups and choirs
  • Sports teams and clubs
  • School-related clubs
  • Recreational activities

To enhance independent living skills, Devereux works in line with the Positive Youth Development Framework, and incorporates the use of PAYA (Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood) education. Through these positive activities, youth are empowered to develop competencies that enable them to assume leadership roles and be better prepared for adulthood.

Group homes provide a therapeutic environment with flexible individualized services that vary in intensity based on the needs of youth and their families. Treatment integrates trauma-informed care, evidence-based approaches and best practices, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

1:4 Group Homes - Massachusetts

These group homes serve students with complex mental health and behavioral challenges. With a 1-to-4 staff to student ratio, these homes are designed for young people who are ready to achieve greater independence as they prepare to move homes or to another community setting.

Trafford House (Rutland, Mass.) - Girls, ages 12 to 21

Fentress House (Rutland, Mass.) - Boys, ages 12 to 21

1:3 Intensive Group Homes - Massachusetts

These group homes are designed for students with more complex mental health and behavioral challenges, high functioning autism spectrum disorders, and/or substance abuse and mental health co-occurring disorders. With a 1-to-3 staff to student ratio, these homes offer a higher level of individualized care.

Hillcrest (Rutland, Mass.) Boys, ages 12 to 21

Gate House (Rutland, Mass.) - Boys, ages 12 to 21

Hillside (Rutland, Mass.) - Girls, ages 12 to 21

Eastmeadow (Rutland, Mass.) - Boys, ages 6 to 21

1:2 IDD/ASD Group Homes - Massachusetts

These group homes serve youth with intellectual developmental disorders and/or autism spectrum disorders. With a 1-to-2 staff to student ratio, we offer specialized care with an emphasis on teaching daily living and coping skills.

Cathy House (Fitchburg, Mass.) - Boys, ages 6 to 21

Devon House (Fitchburg, Mass.) - Boys and Girls, ages 6 to 21