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Foster Parents

Foster parents play an essential role in providing a temporary, safe and nurturing home to children when their parents are unable to care for them. It takes a lot of dedication, sacrifice and strength to be a foster parent. Whether you are a new foster parent or an experienced foster parent, you are making an incredible difference in their lives! Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do to for Devereux and our children in need.

We Need Your Help!

There are more than 8,000 children,adolescents and young adults in Florida’s foster care system in need of a safe,nurturing and loving home and so few prepared to stand in this gap. Each child deserves a safe, stable, loving home like yours. As a Devereux Foster Parent, you are an integral part of our core mission – finding nurturing homes for children in need.

Our goal is to recruit more quality foster parents and to better support the ones we already have. Please support us by sharing your experience to help locate and mentor new foster parents. Become an advocate! Speak to your local churches, service clubs, support groups, friends and neighbors about becoming a foster parent and how they can help change a life.

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News & Announcements



Devereux expands services to offer DELTA Foster Care

After over 30 years of operation in over 35 counties, Devereux expands foster care services to include the DELTA Foster Care Program for children who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Our DELTA program, an enhanced clinical specialty track, has been specifically designed to address the unique issues related to commercial sexual exploitation of children. Various levels of support are provided to each foster family.
We are currently looking for foster families to provide foster family treatment for survivors of sexual exploitation.

Want to help?

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“I am with an awesome and loving mom and dad. I was adopted in 2005 by my parents and I would never want to leave my parents. Devereux Foster Care saved my life!” – a Devereux Foster Child



“Being a foster parent made me keep myself correct as a father; I always feel on center stage. That means I always have to keep myself in check and do things right. They make me a better person and a better father!” – Devereux Foster Parent



“You are the best parents I have ever had! You give me the confidence and reassurance. You make me feel so safe and loved. I love you both very much!” – a Devereux Foster Child