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Residential Treatment Center FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about our Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

What is a child’s average length of stay?
A child’s average length of stay is approximately four to six months. However, the length of stay varies, depending on each child’s individual needs and progress towards treatment goals.

How do I find out about the waitlist and current bed availability?
Please call our admission’s coordinator for our current bed availability and possible waitlist at (480) 443-5582, or email:

What is the visitation policy for family/caregivers?
Devereux Arizona has an open visitation policy with no waiting period. However, after-school and weekend visits are preferred. Caregivers should contact the child’s clinician to schedule a visit.

How do I refer a child for treatment?
In order to refer a child for treatment, our admissions team will need the child’s referral packet. To find out the necessary documents for a referral packet, please call our admission’s coordinator at (480) 443-5582, or email:

I have collected everything and am ready to submit my referral – what happens next?
Referral packets can be faxed, or scanned and emailed, to the admission’s coordinator from the funder or case manager. Devereux Arizona’s admissions team considers inclusionary/exclusionary criteria, presenting problems and the current environment to assess whether the referral will be approved or denied. Our admission’s coordinator will contact you with an acceptance or denial letter. Further follow-up may be necessary.

Where can I get additional information?
Please contact us at any time for more information about our Residential Treatment Center by calling (480) 998-2920, or emailing:

Have questions or want more information?

For more information or for referrals email us at