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Getting Started as a Devereux Arizona Foster Parent

How the foster care licensing process works:

Step 1

A Devereux Arizona foster care specialist will meet with you to discuss the qualifications needed to become a foster parent; how Devereux will support you; and answer any additional questions or concerns you might have about the licensing process or our therapeutic foster care program.

Step 2

You will sign up for pre-licensure training. You also will be given paperwork, asking you about your background, references, family history, etc.

Step 3

You will collaborate with your assigned Devereux foster care specialist who will review your paperwork. Your specialist also will come to your home to complete a home study and preliminary safety inspection. When you feel prepared, the state will conduct a final safety inspection, and then your foster care application can be submitted. After the state approves, you will receive your therapeutic foster care license.

Have questions or ready to get started? 

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