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Program and Training Model

Devereux has adopted a training model that maximizes benefits to its interns, as well as the individuals Devereux serves every day. Each intern is matched to a treatment program that is consistent with the intern’s training needs, professional goals and personal interests. This full-year assignment is the cornerstone of Devereux’s training and provides a number of advantages:

  • The model allows the intern to become fully integrated within the clinical treatment team and the program ecology.
  • The model enables the intern to carry cases throughout the year and, thereby, ensures that the intern gains experience with all phases of assessment and intervention.
  • The model allows for the development of a close and consistent relationship with the supervising psychologists.
  • The model facilitates the development of clinical expertise and enhances the intern’s sense of competence and accomplishment.

Each training site serves individuals with a wide range of  abilities and diagnoses, and supervising psychologists are careful in selecting an intern’s case load to provide a variety of clinical experiences. Breadth of exposure to a variety of clinical populations and treatment philosophies is further enhanced through the interns’ Treatment Methods Seminar Series (See Seminar Series).