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Tucson Area Programs and Services

Individuals seeking services at Devereux Arizona have the right to all available programs and services without discrimination based on race, creed, color, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, handicap, national origin or sexual orientation. Devereux Arizona ensures that every individual has the right to exercise all civil rights and the right of access to an advocate in order to understand, exercise, and protect his or her rights.

Assessment and Intervention Center (AIC)

Devereux Arizona’s Assessment Intervention Center (AID) is a licensed behavioral health facility that provides comprehensive evaluations and intensive behavioral healthcare intervention in a safe, supportive and structured therapeutic environment for up to 45 days. Our multidisciplinary team works to identify each individual’s current level of functioning, as well as their strengths and needs through a complete assessment process.

Brief Intervention Program (BIP)

Our Brief Intervention Program (BIP) takes place in a licensed behavioral health residential setting that includes 24-hour supervision and therapeutic services. These services are designed for youth who have significant deficits in social, behavioral, psychiatric and psychological functioning, and who require active treatment in an environment with a high degree of oversight, intensive programming and continuous supervision provided by professional behavioral health staff.

Outpatient Services

Devereux offers comprehensive outpatient counseling services for individuals, families and groups in office, school and home settings. Specialties include the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorders, mood disorders, physical abuse, sexual abuse and anxiety disorders.


The goal of respite care is to provide a period of rest for children and their primary caregivers, without disruption or compromise to their home placement. Respite care may reduce the utilization of more intensive services, and can help maintain the placement of a child in the home.

Therapeutic Foster Care (Adult and Child)

Adult: Devereux Arizona’s Adult Therapeutic Foster Care program places adults with mental health challenges in trained and motivated foster homes. Typically, individuals placed in these homes have previously lived independently, but need additional help managing their illness. Individuals in the program are 18 years of age or older who benefit from living in a family environment. Devereux Arizona trains and licenses adult foster care providers to care for these individuals.

Child: Our Therapeutic Foster Care Program pairs children with behavioral challenges with foster parents who are extensively trained to care for the child's intense needs. This program is designed to prepare youth for permanent placement, whether that is with their biological family, adoptive family or independent living.

For more information about any of Devereux Arizona’s statewide programs and services contact us.