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Devereux Arizona Advisory Board 2020-2021

Mr. Curtis Chickerneo, Chair


Ms. Erica M. Quintana, Vice Chair

Ms. Kayla Bernays


Mr. Samuel G. Coppersmith, Esq.

Mr. Joel Eberhart


Ms. Sabrina Freiberg

Johnatha “Joan” Green


Mr. Joe Griffith

Mrs. Brenda Olivas


Ms. Erica Q. Quintana, Stewardship Chair

Mr. Marty Schwarzkopf, Membership Chair


Dr. Amanda Wood

Executive Committee and Staff

Executive Committee includes: Board Chair, Vice Chair and Executive Director

Devereux Staff Members:

  • Yvette Jackson, Executive Director
  • Monica Chapman, Development and Grants Manager
  • James Sabata, Development and Grants Coordinator
  • Mickey Casanova, Administrative Asst.