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Residential Services Overview

Devereux Arizona provides both short- and long-term intervention services, depending on the needs of each child. Youth receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation of up to 45 days at our Assessment and Intervention Center; 10 to 15 days of therapeutic treatment in a brief structured environment; or six-months, or longer, of structured treatment at our therapeutic, 24/7, Level 1 Residential Treatment Center.

Youth Profiles

Our residential services help identify a youth’s treatment needs, in collaboration with the intake agency and the child and family team (CFT), to facilitate the child’s return to his or her home, foster home or community-based setting. The youth we serve may present the following challenges:

  • Social or skills deficits
  • Limited/unhealthy coping skills
  • Verbal/physical aggression
  • Emotional/behavioral challenges that impact overall functioning

Assessment and Intervention Center (AIC)—Tucson location

Devereux Arizona’s Assessment and Intervention Center (AIC) is a licensed behavioral health facility that provides comprehensive evaluations and intensive behavioral healthcare interventions for youth, ages 9 to 17, in a safe, supportive and structured therapeutic environment for up to 45 days.

Brief Intervention Program (BIP)—Tucson location

Our Brief Intervention Program (BIP) is a licensed behavioral health residential treatment setting that includes 24-hour supervision and therapeutic services for youth, ages 9 to 17. Services are designed for individuals who have significant deficits in social, behavioral, psychiatric and psychological functioning, and who require active treatment in an environment with a high degree of oversight, intensive programming and continuous supervision by highly skilled behavioral health staff.

Residential Treatment Center (RTC)—Scottsdale location

Located on a beautiful 10-acre campus in the heart of Scottsdale, Devereux Arizona’s 24-hour Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and Therapeutic School, can serve up to 52 children. The RTC supports youth, ages 5 to 17, who are experiencing emotional, behavioral or substance abuse challenges. We also have an on-site accredited K-12 therapeutic school, which offers an academic curriculum while students receive intensive emotional and behavioral support.

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