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What it Takes to Become a Devereux Employee

Over the last 20 years, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health has employed more than 61,000 unique staff members – all of whom live and breathe our mission. Devereux has developed comprehensive recruiting, hiring, training and staffing protocols that help our team members best support the individuals we serve every day.

Our Hiring Requirements

All potential Devereux employees undergo a robust and comprehensive screening process that meets and exceeds background checks required by law. This thorough employment screening process requires that any prospective employee must:

  • Pass a criminal history check
  • Pass a motor vehicle records check
  • Pass an FBI records check
  • Pass a child abuse clearance check
  • Pass an education degree verification check
  • Clear a series of sanctions check for Fraud, Abuse, Control, Information
  • Pass an E-Verify check
  • Pass a pre-employment physical and drug screening test

Potential employees also must provide three references, which are checked and thoroughly vetted for potential inaccuracies in experience and qualifications, as well as for a potential fit with Devereux’s culture and values.

Throughout the hiring process, every effort is made to gain a complete picture of each applicant, and his or her ability to do what we consider to be the most important work in the world. Devereux’s hiring process includes multiple checks and verifications to ensure there are no past issues, red flags or possible indicators that any potential hire is not a good fit for our industry and our organization. We place an unwavering focus on making sure all Devereux employees are the people they present themselves to be, and share our commitment to treating and supporting our individuals through patience, compassion and the highest quality clinical care and treatment in the field

Our Training Requirements

Applicants who pass Devereux’s stringent hiring process also undergo a comprehensive training process. This robust program requires 50 hours of professional education that must be completed before any work or interaction with our youth, adults and families. This rigorous training program includes industry-leading coursework and training on:

  • Abuse and neglect
  • Corporate compliance
  • CPR and first aid
  • Culture diversity
  • Customer service
  • Documentation
  • Driver safety
  • Fire safety
  • Food safety and dietary precautions
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Positive approaches to care
  • Quality care
  • Regulations and quality
  • Rights of individuals in care
  • Safe and appropriate interactions
  • Safe physical management of clients
  • Sexual harassment
  • Supervision
  • The family perspective
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Workplace safety

In addition, Devereux has instituted more stringent training requirements aimed at furthering safety and quality. These initiatives include:

  • Cautionary flag trainings to identify and prevent potential issues
  • Supervisory Excellence training program
  • Enhanced incident reporting and investigation training, coupled with improved tools and protocols
Devereux has a zero-tolerance policy for abuse, and maintains policies and procedures to systematically reduce the risk of abuse to occur in our organization. Devereux fosters a culture of reporting abuse, and will cooperate with the authorities to the fullest extent possible.

Devereux is an Industry Leader in Hiring and Employment Practices

Devereux is committed to championing superior hiring and employment practices in the behavioral healthcare industry. Our recruitment and compensation structure is expressly designed to attract the best talent. We pay meaningful and professional wages to our entire staff, including starting wages for new employees. Our facilities are structured based on leading organizational theories and systems, with an open and transparent reporting structure and multiple levels of oversight and evaluation.

The result is a culture of care and accountability at all locations and residences, in which our employees are committed to their work and our mission, and our individuals, families and staff are empowered to raise concerns and drive continuous improvements.

Our Employee Value Proposition

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a statement that captures the essence of an organization; it highlights who a company is and what it stands for and, for those looking for a rewarding career, answers the question, "Why should I apply for this job?"

At Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, our EVP is:

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health: Changing the world – one person, one family, one community at a time

Learn more about our efforts to unlock and nurture human potential for people with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences. If you are looking for a position that will help you change the world – one individual, one family and one community at a time – be sure to search our job listings, and keep reading to learn how Devereux differentiates itself, and the promises the organization makes to all colleagues.

Learn more about our EVP, as well as what sets Devereux apart.