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Annual Stipend and Benefits

Annual Stipend

Interns receive a stipend of $32,000 distributed evenly across the internship year in bi-weekly checks, and are paid in accordance with Devereux’s regular payroll schedule.  

Time-Off Benefits

All interns will receive 19 days of Time–Off Benefit (TOB) (e.g., vacation and holidays). In addition, up to eight sick days are permitted.

Given that Devereux has a diverse workforce, we do not recognize specific holidays. In the event an intern wishes to request time off in order to celebrate a specific holiday, or to use TOB to attend to personal business that cannot be addressed outside of the work schedule, the intern should submit his or her time off request as soon as possible. All efforts will be made to accommodate an intern’s request; however, the needs of the treatment program and the internship training program may take precedence. All TOB requests must be submitted in writing, and must be approved in advance by the intern’s supervisor and the director of training.

Continued University Contact/Fellowship or Employment Interviews

An additional four days per year are provided to the intern for continued university contact or fellowship/post-internship employment interviews. Time off is arranged by mutual agreement between the intern, the training supervisor, and the director of training.  

Medical and Dental Benefits

Devereux offers a choice of two medical plans (which include prescription drug, behavioral health and vision benefits) and three dental plans that interns and their qualified dependents may elect to enroll in. The amount of the intern’s contribution toward the plan depends on the level of coverage elected, and is the same rate that is paid by eligible full-time Devereux employees. More detailed information regarding plan options will be provided to you by Corporate People Operations.