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Viera Campus

The Devereux Florida Viera Campus offers a professional therapeutic environment for children and adolescents facing significant emotional, behavioral and developmental challenges. Located in Brevard County, in the town of Viera approximately 45 minutes east of the Orlando International Airport and west of the Melbourne International Airport. Our beautiful 55 acre campus offers a serene setting with tropical landscaping, lakefront views, a swimming pool and playground - all in a climate suitable to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. 

The Viera Campus includes a total of six residential units, the Devereux School and a state-of-the-art Activity and Wellness Center. 

The Devereux Viera Campus provides the following:

  • Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Program (I/DD)
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program
  • Educational and Vocational Services
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • 24/7 Nursing
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Diabetes Management Program*
  • Pediatric Endocrinologist*
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Program*
  • Treatment of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children*
  • Comprehensive Assessment Program*
  • Speech Therapy*
  • Occupational & Physical Therapy*
  • Life Skills Training
  • Community Inclusion Opportunity*
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Locked and Unlocked Housing Units
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission
  • School accredited by AdvancED™

       *When applicable or appropriate for the client.

The Devereux School

We understand education is the cornerstone in empowering youth with emotional, intellectual/developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges and believe that all students have the ability to achieve academic success.

The Devereux School specializes in supporting and educating youth with these disabilities, with the goal of allowing them to return home and successfully continue their education in their home public schools. The Devereux School offers an accredited K-12 school, provided with a vast array of therapeutic services offered at the Viera Campus. Our school is unique among other schools in that it is accredited by AdvancED™ and meets standards for over 60 school districts across the United States. All of our teachers are certified in their respective instructional subject area, as well as Exceptional Student Education (ESE). Each classroom is equipped with SMART Boards and the latest technology to nurture learning.
The Devereux School is designed to advance each student’s academic growth while providing a positive school experience.  Our individualized curriculum and low teacher-to-student ratio allows our students to succeed academically. Teachers are provided with daily support from the student’s therapist, behavior analyst and direct service providers to help the student learn, adapt and overcome his/her challenges in the classroom.  Many of our students have achieved academic gains of reading two grade levels ahead of where they started in our program, in just a period of a few months.  Furthermore, each student receives the appropriate therapeutic support to address behavioral issues occurring in academic settings.


Viera Campus Program Specialties

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Program

The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Program provides services for individuals between the ages of 5 to 19. This program provides services for individuals who have the existence of both intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental illness. The efforts of the I/DD Program are aimed at providing the support, training and skills essential in attaining treatment outcomes for individuals who display a wide range of challenging behaviors including aggression, property destruction, severe tantrum behavior, self-injurious behavior, run away problems and difficulty following directions reliably. The individuals admitted to the program display clear deficits in adaptive and social functioning. Treatment focuses on increasing independence in all settings using positive approaches.  

Serving Medically Complex Individuals

Devereux Florida Viera Campus residential programs service a myriad of individuals with existing and/or a history of medically complex issues. Our residential programs are able to accommodate and serve individuals with traumatic brain injury, neurological and seizure disorders, degenerative disorders, and genetic disorders. Each and every referral to the Viera Campus is screened both clinically and medically to determine needed accommodations for this population prior to admission including any needed outpatient and on-site medical supports in order to best serve medically complex individuals who also require behavioral and mental health treatment in a residential setting. 

Diabetes Management Program

At Devereux Florida, we believe it is important to assist our clients in gaining knowledge and control of their illness to reduce risks of long term physical and psychological complications.  The Devereux Florida Viera Campus has earned national recognition for successful treatment with children and adolescents experiencing severe behavioral problems, in combination with diabetic health concerns.  

Devereux Florida teaches children with diabetes how to manage their illness by offering a diabetes program which uses age appropriate education and training in conjunction with the treatment programming to help stabilize the disease. This is accomplished with individual and group teaching concerning diabetes management, as well as assistance with diet and exercise programs.  

Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Recognizing that many youth struggle with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues, we offer a substance abuse treatment track designed to meet the unique recovery needs of children and adolescents facing the challenges of substance abuse or dependence.  Individual and group treatment programs are available to address issues pertaining to exposure, behavior and addiction. 

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Program 

Devereux Florida’s residential programs are designed to provide trauma-informed care for children and adolescents who are victims of sexual abuse, sexual trauma, and more recently sexual exploitation. Devereux Florida’s clinical specialty track for sexually exploited youth is based on advanced clinical expertise, evidence based approaches, and proven techniques to help individuals transition from troubled lives to bright futures filled with personal accomplishments and hope.  Some of the fundamental keys to successful treatment outcomes are through trauma focused treatment, a protected living environment that offers a sense of security, and treatment strategies that are designed specifically for each individual’s needs. Treatment is provided through individual and group therapy where individuals who all share a history of sexual trauma are able to share their life stories in a protected and supportive environment.

Applied Behavior Analysis Services

Each treatment unit on the Viera Campus provides a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who provides individualized behavior assessments, programming, and supervision of implemented behavioral interventions targeted at decreasing maladaptive/dangerous/social inappropriate behaviors.  Our behavioral analysts also provide interventions targeted at increasing functionally equivalent skills to these maladaptive behaviors across all settings each individual encounters. For example, treatment milieu, campus grounds, on-campus school, off-campus activities and outings. Our direct care professionals are trained in applied behavior analytic principles and monitored on their implementation regularly by our team of on-site behavior analysts who work collaboratively with the milieu team across settings described above.


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