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Our Technology Investments in Safety

About Our Investments in Safety Technology

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health utilizes every technology and resource at its disposal to achieve enhanced levels of safety across its campuses and facilities. Our safety protocols include the use of digital video surveillance that balances the rights and privacy of our residents with robust detection efforts to prevent dangerous events from occurring and/or going undetected.

These security protocols are not required by law or license, and our centers receive no direct funding for these additional safety measures. Rather, they are a proactive safety measure used in common spaces to provide an additional layer of supervision and accountability for our individuals and staff.

Our Commitment to Video and Safety Technology

Over the last several years, significant changes in Devereux leadership have led to major upgrades in video and monitoring capabilities. These upgrades have included an increase in the number of locations being monitored on our campuses, as well as a robust and industry-leading procedure for reviewing and evaluating video footage, including both random live checks and detailed analysis, and investigations if/when incidents are reported.