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Community Living

Devereux’s California’s Supported Living Services (SLS) and Independent Living Services (ILS) are designed to provide an alternative living arrangement for adults. Support services are offered in homes and apartments owned by the individuals throughout Santa Barbara County, providing spacious living for one to five adults who prefer not to be housed in larger group home settings.

Every ILS and SLS resident chooses where, and with whom, they live. Personal living plans are created and maintained by each resident, with suggestions from Devereux California’s professional caregivers, and families or guardians. Individualized plans allow residents maximum choice regarding community contacts, staffing preferences, staffing hours and how each individual is to be assisted in their home. The overarching goal of ILS and SLS is to help individuals live a fulfilling and rewarding life, according to their personal aspirations and choices.

All of our person-centered services are customized and modified to meet the unique needs of each individual, and account for their growth over time. Some of our supplemental supportive services help individuals learn new skills, including scheduling daily activities, shopping and meal preparation, travel and transportation, safety and local safety resources, household management, budgeting, banking and bill payments.

Devereux California respects individual choice and preferences at all times, while also making recommendations regarding best practices for a healthy, enjoyable and secure living environment. Staff accompany residents on their daily routines when asked to do so, while also accommodating privacy and an individual’s outside social life or work responsibilities.