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Specialized Treatment Components

Summer School Program

The Devereux School offers a six-week summer program staffed by teachers and teacher's aides.

Activities may include:
  • Drama, swimming, arts and crafts, basketball, fishing, writing, hiking, rock climbing, academic support, computers, cooking, college preparation and animal care.

Other Treatment Components

National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM)

The National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM) was established to help nonprofit organizations across the U.S. inspire children to improve their behavior. Using a minibike as a motivational tool, youth are encouraged to excel at school and become responsible in their communities. NYPUM is an ideal way to get school systems, police departments, probation departments, local businesses and other community resources working together in a cost-effective way to help children. Supported by the American Honda Motor Co., Inc., NYPUM has a proven track record of safety and success.

Animal Care
Animal CareDevereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island’s animal care program works closely with Great Dog Rescue New England. Students help foster animals and facilitate adoptions. They learn to care for, and interact appropriately with, animals. The skills they develop include: grooming, feeding, ear/dental care and socializing. In addition, students work closely with teachers to learn how to modify animal behavior as necessary.

Adventure-Based Counseling
Adventure-based counseling (ABC) is a therapeutic skills group program that uses an experiential approach to teaching strong, character-building skills to students of all ages and abilities. This weekly group engages students in trust-building and problem-solving activities designed to improve students’ self-esteem. Teamwork, effective communication and relationship-building are all incorporated. Activities vary from simple games to more complicated challenges, which allow students to accomplish difficult goals they may have felt were unattainable. These interactions occur in a fun, positive, supportive group environment.

Groups follow these basic guidelines:

  • The brief: The group is presented with its goals for the day, and reviews the Full Value Contract. The facilitator explains the activity of the day, and what is expected.
  • The activity: The group attempts to accomplish its goals. If, during this process, difficulties and/or problems arise, the group temporarily ceases and “circles up.” During this time, the group will discuss the problem and find a solution. Once a plan is agreed upon, the group will resume the activity and attempt to accomplish its specified goals.
  • Debrief: Group members discuss how things went, what worked well, and what they could improve upon.