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Pre-Vocational Day Program

Pre-Vocational Training

Devereux Texas’ Victoria campus offers educational training to help individuals acquire pre-vocational and/or life skills. Our program focuses on building skills, such as:

  • Personal identification
  • Personal hygiene
  • Clothing care
  • Telling time
  • Housekeeping

We also offer a sensory integration and stimulation environment for individuals with severe developmental disabilities.

Vocational Training

In a therapeutic environment, participants learn basic work habits necessary for securing and maintaining employment, such as reporting to a job site on time and wearing appropriate clothing. Social skills, such as working as part of a team, demonstrating respect for others and having enthusiasm for a job, also are taught in the program. Success is achieved by providing participants individualized attention and offering them an opportunity to work in a variety of areas, including horticulture, kitchen crafts, seasonal craft production, janitorial services and packaging and assembly. Two very popular vocational programs are the Devereux Gardens and the Devereux Bakery.

Devereux Gardens

Devereux Gardens is a professional nursery that is open to the public and offers hundreds of varieties of plants, including: exotic tropical plants, hibiscus, woody perennials, annuals, seasonal plants, caladiums, Texas natives, gorgeous hanging baskets and much more. In addition, a wide selection of fertilizers, mulch and quality potting soil also are available. Participants in this program learn all aspects of plant care and how to interact appropriately with retail customers.

Devereux Bakery

The Devereux Bakery provides participants an opportunity to learn the many aspects of food service and retail sales. In addition to producing a variety of cookies, and its renowned buttermilk brownies for retail sale, the Devereux Bakery also caters special luncheons and fills special orders for baked goods. Individuals enrolled in this program learn proper food handling techniques, as well as the importance of meeting deadlines, consistently creating a quality product and customer satisfaction.

Devereux Gardens Floral Gift Shops

Individuals also have the opportunity to participate in Devereux Texas’ retail operations, the Devereux Gardens Floral and Gift Shops. With two shops located in the cities of Victoria and Goliad, each location sells an array of unique floral designs, gift baskets, fresh fruit smoothies and frappe drinks, as well as a wonderful collection of specialty gifts. The shops give those served by Devereux Texas the opportunity to work within a community retail setting in a supportive and therapeutic environment.