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Devereux Texas - Adult Community Program

The Adult Community Program at Devereux Texas’ Victoria campus is a comprehensive treatment program for adults, age 23 and older, with severe emotional and developmental disabilities who require extended care in a supportive residential treatment setting. Our goal is to help individuals grow and learn through new experiences. We provide opportunities for adults to secure meaningful employment; participate in leisure activities; and build social skills.

Adult Residential Program

Devereux Texas’ Adult Residential Program is located 12 miles south of Victoria in a safe, peaceful and rural environment. Individuals have the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational activities.

The grounds include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Nature trails
  • Large lighted outdoor deck
  • Fishing pond, and more

The goal of this program is to help adults become contributing members of the community. Our staff members work with adults to develop a support plan that is based on the needs of each individual and helps address challenging behaviors.

Program Objectives

  • To help adults achieve maximum independence
  • To provide opportunities for adults to make their own choices and preferences
  • To provide personalized supports to address challenging behaviors
  • To help adults develop skills that will allow them to function more independently
  • To provide a safe, healthy and therapeutic environment


Transitional/Young Adult Program

Individuals, ages 16 to 22, experiencing chronic mental health disabilities and/or developmental disabilities are admitted into our residential programs at Devereux Texas’ Victoria campus.

The goal of this program is to help young adults increase independent functioning. Our programming is multi-tiered and allows individuals to enter at a level commensurate with their needs, and to progress as they acquire skills. At admission, a comprehensive assessment is completed. Utilizing these assessment results, our interdisciplinary team develops an Individual Service Plan that outlines how the team will meet the individual’s unique needs. The individual and their family will be active participants in the development of the Individual Service Plan.

Through this program, individuals acquire skills to seek and keep a job, as well as intermediate daily living skills, such as home management, money management, leisure skills, meal preparation and the use of community services. Individuals are encouraged to exercise increasing levels of self-direction in areas of work, leisure activities and interpersonal relationships.

In keeping with the principle of normalization, young adult programming involves a pattern and duration of work and training times, mealtimes, and waking and sleeping hours which follow, as closely as possible, the rhythm of life in the community.


Devereux Texas’ Victoria campus offers both educational and pre-vocational programs. Our educational program serves individuals, ages 16 to 22, with special education needs.

The director of clinical services and the consulting education program administrator supervise the educational program. The vocational coordinator supervises the pre-vocational programs. Staffing for the department includes: certified special education teachers, teacher aides, paraprofessionals, a behavior manager, work trainers and a consulting speech pathologist and educational diagnostician. All teachers are certified to teach special education in the state of Texas. Teachers have been trained to work with students with emotional and/or learning difficulties. Teachers complete Devereux’s annual training requirements and attend in-service for continuing education, which are applicable to their instructional areas. In addition to Devereux’s required in-service, teachers complete a state-mandatory 150 hours of continuing education every five years.

This supportive environment made available by Devereux provides 24-hour assistance by highly skilled staff, including work trainers, special education instructors, nurses and direct care professionals. In keeping with the philosophies of least restrictive alternatives and normalization, the primary focus of the program is to offer active support to facilitate personal growth and maximize independence and self-fulfillment for each individual. These individuals may have co-existing health and/or sensorimotor difficulties. Individuals may need assistance with medications, supervision of self-medication or administration of medications. They may exhibit symptoms of emotional disturbance and, occasionally, require personal restraints, but they may not be actively dangerous to themselves or others.


There are five separate living units: Fortner Villa, Ranch Oaks, Constant, Anderson North and Anderson South. Individuals are placed in units based on their diagnosis, age and program needs. The living unit is a multi-level home with accommodations ranging from four single rooms on one wing to four double rooms on the remaining three wings. Each wing provides resident bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a fully equipped TV/day room for recreation and leisure. A large community kitchen, dining room and living room provide space for small or large group activities. Facilities are available where individuals are taught, or assisted in, completing laundry routines. The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is set aside for special enrichment activities with an educational and recreational focus. Outside activities are scheduled on a multipurpose deck behind the home. This area is furnished as a large patio suitable for barbecues, parties and individual leisure activities.