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Fall 2020 Newsletter

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Devereux California

A message from Executive Director Amy Evans

At Devereux California, we believe diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is fundamental to the work we do every day to provide the highest quality of services. We continuously engage in anti-racist work to create a positive, supportive, diverse and inclusive culture across our programs and services, while striving to dismantle systemic and structural racism, beginning within ourselves. We are deeply committed to racial justice and equity as an employer and as a healthcare provider for adults with disabilities.

In keeping with Devereux’s national commitment to DEI, we renounce racism in all forms and are dedicated to a center-wide transformation related to issues of DEI. We consider this a critical component to the fulfillment of our mission to serve adults with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences and to provide quality programs that meet the highest levels of the Devereux Family Standard. Our DEI effort is led by a Steering Committee comprised of members of the Devereux national senior leadership team, as well as a diverse group of team members from across the country to ensure both forward momentum and regional relevancy.

In September 2020, Devereux partnered with Lion’s Story, which prepares individuals and organizations to navigate and resolve racially charged situations by using research-based strategies. Lion’s Story was founded by Dr. Howard C. Stevenson, a nationally recognized clinical psychologist and researcher on negotiating racial conflict using racial literacy for schools, community mental health centers, teachers, leaders, police and families. He currently serves as the executive director of the Racial Empowerment Collaborative (REC) at the University of Pennsylvania, which is designed to promote racial literacy research, training, and programming in education, health, community and justice institutions.

Devereux California will form a diverse team of direct support professionals and administrators who will work with our DEI Steering Committee and Lion’s Story to help embed effective business practices that include diversity, equity and inclusion into our daily routines. Our goal is to create welcoming and safe spaces for our employees and the adults we serve so that we may learn and support one another.

Stay tuned for more information about our DEI efforts in future editions of California Center e-News.

What’s Happening at Devereux
California’s Weisman Center …

Our clinical care manager, Monica Gomez, has important things to say about caring for our seniors …

“I believe the most comprehensive way to increase health and wellness for our seniors at Weisman is to assist each person to maximize his/her physio-emotional and intellectual abilities. Understandably, our seniors lose some of these capacities with the onset of age-related obstacles not observed earlier in life. We can get around this issue by providing daily services, personal options, therapy and preferred activities, all of which permit the highest level of function and independence. Combined, those assists all work to help our seniors thrive at Weisman. Moreover, continuous quality monitoring of health and medical needs, and staying on top of specific medical conditions for each senior, also play a critical part in addressing problems before they become too serious or life-threatening. In my role, I work with nursing and leadership teams to ensure any chronic conditions will be managed at the highest level available in medicine today. Another key component of healthcare at Weisman is to ensure an active lifestyle that includes meeting each individual’s unique needs and personal goals. Emotional support, listening and companionship also are ways I like to see us work in order to promote confidence, happiness and life satisfaction in our senior population. I love when I know our seniors are trusting in themselves and in the care they receive at Weisman!

I feel my position broadens and reaffirms my understanding of what it means to comply with best standards and practices in the field of disability care management and living. By focusing on how important choices can expand the horizons of our seniors, I am certain each person can, and will, develop pride in his/her accomplishments; learn valuable new life skills; and also further their knowing that they have control of their life including their preferred way to live.”

Ministering Angels Who Help Our Individuals Maintain the Best Quality of Life

We are grateful to the following for supporting Devereux California from July 1-Oct. 30, 2020 

General Operating Supporters: 

  • Adrian Hayne 
  • Amy M. Evans
  • Anonymous 
  • Bruce Schaefer
  • Denbury Corporation 
  • James Riley 
  • Janet and Ed Chen 
  • Jesselyn T. Cyr
  • Joanne Peterson
  • Joy Hecht
  • Julietta M. Lakins Living Trust 
  • Kareena Hamilton
  • Karla-Keese Taylor 
  • Linda Kendall 
  • Nina Hollow
  • Peregrine Petroleum Partners
  • Richard H. and Theresa Johnston
  • Scout Energy Management 
  • Terry Falberg 

Recent Grants:

Association for Senior Care Santa Barbara in support of senior individuals’ exercise and wellness. Special thanks to La Shon Kelley, Vice Chair of Devereux California’s Advisory Board, for her advocacy work on our behalf.

Ann Jackson Family Foundation in support of person-centered activities at Devereux California.

Development Corner

We are grateful to the Santa Barbara Foundation Senior Programs and The Towbes Foundation for awarding us grants to support our wellness and exercise program, which helps the adults in our care maintain physical mobility; monitor their heart rate; and avoid potential issues associated with obesity and heart arrhythmia.

As part of these grants, Devereux California purchased tools and equipment to help our individuals build muscle fiber; increase joint stability and balance; and improve sleep. We have purchased heavy-duty exercise equipment; hand-held equipment; videos for aerobic and chair workouts; and weight management tools.

All of these items have provided the adults we serve with an opportunity to improve their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being, while adhering to safety measures put in place during COVID-19. Funds from these grants will enable us to provide exercises and activities for individuals at any level of fitness, age or mobility.

We also would like to recognize the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation for its outstanding grant support for a new sensory room located in our Adult Day Program at Weisman Center. This grant helps our individuals, especially our seniors, with sensory awareness and deep relaxation that is especially useful for exercise preparation and general well-being.

2020 Annual Fall Appeal!

Please consider making a gift to Devereux California so we can continue to offer outstanding programs and services all year long! Your generous donation will help provide activities and supplies, as well as learning and engagement opportunities for the adults in our care. You should have received your appeal packet in the mail with return envelope to send us your contribution, or you can make a gift by credit card by visiting our donation page at

Thank you for supporting Devereux California!

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