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Community Living

Devereux Supported and Independent Living Services (SLS, ILS) are designed to provide another living option for adults with disabilities who would like to live in the community. We are able to work with a wide range of individuals, from those who need only minimal to those who need 24-hour support. Individuals in ILS receive staff supports no more than 20 hours per month.

Each person supported by Devereux in these programs has the opportunity, within their economic, social, and developmental ability to choose where they live and who they live with. The support they receive helps to build and maintain important relationships and to develop community inclusion. As an adult, the supported individual has the right to choose the specific support staff that will be working with them in their homes. Devereux’s Supported Living Services provide planned supports to individuals to help them meet their daily living needs and to support their long range goals. The primary long range goals for the individuals who choose this service is to live successfully in the community, and to live life as independently as possible.

Services are planned with the individual and their circle of support, personalized, and customized to meet each person’s unique needs. The training supports are provided by instruction along with all aspects of daily living and household responsibilities. Personal care and up to 24 hour supervision support are also planned and rendered. The supports may be delivered individually and/or in small groupings depending on their living situation. SLS in action typically might include support for learning skills in the areas of grooming, maintaining daily schedule, meal preparation, household maintenance, menu planning, shopping, cooking, budgeting and paying bills.