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Help supply face masks and other protective gear for Devereux team members  

As we fight the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare professionals across the U.S. are facing a critical shortage of face masks, gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Like other hospitals and healthcare providers, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is in need of PPE to help protect our front-line staff as they continue to serve and support the children, adolescents and adults entrusted to our care.  

We are asking our families, caregivers, friends and supporters to help us during this uncertain time by:  

  • Sewing face masks and/or other protective gear
  • Creating PPE (e.g., goggles and face shields) via 3-D printers  

Look below for videos and step-by-step instructions on how to make face masks and other PPE at home.  

Join the fight against COVID-19 

If you are interested in donating masks or other PPE, please contact your local Devereux center today! Look below for contact information. 

Devereux Center PPE Contact  Email  Phone Number
Arizona Monica Chapman mchapman@devereux.org (480) 889-0561
California Joanne Peterson  jpeters7@devereux.org (805) 968-2525
Colorado Mary Capilla  mcapilla@devereux.org (303) 438-2219
Connecticut - The Glenholme School  Courtney Delaney cdelaney@devereux.org  (860) 868-7377
ext. 200226
Florida Lindsey Phillips Lindsey.Phillips@devereux.org (407) 421-0867
Georgia Jeremy Vanderslice jeremy.vanderslice@devereux.org (770) 738-2705
Massachusetts/ Rhode Island Dave Wahl dwahl@devereux.org (774) 437-2259
New Jersey Kathryn Conda kconda@devereux.org (609) 617-3893
New York Mckenzie Bishop mbishop2@devereux.org (845) 705-3889
Pennsylvania Theresa Russell theresa.russell@devereux.org (610) 801-2176
Pocono Becky Dawson rdawson2@devereux.org (570) 839-6203
Texas Joni Robertson jroberts@devereux.org (281) 316-5423


Join our PPE for Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Facebook group, and follow PPE for Devereux on Instagram, for more information on how you can help our team members and the individuals we serve stay safe and healthy.