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Our Products

The Center for Effective Schools has developed research-based products and materials to address the needs of youth in school and family settings. We provide these products with a comprehensive consultation package. Please contact us for more information.

Calm Cat: Relaxation Skills for Elementary Students

Calm Cat is a 10-session relaxation skills training for students in grades K-5. As a brief, group-based skills training program that is designed especially for students with needs related to emotion regulation, the Calm Cat program is well-suited for implementation at Tier II within an MTSS framework. Calm Cat lessons are designed to be implemented by any school personnel following their successful completion of online training modules.

Devereux Classroom Observation Tool (DCOT)

The Devereux Classroom Observation Tool (DCOT) is a direct observation tool designed to measure the implementation of evidence-based classroom management practices. The DCOT includes seven skill areas that address classroom routines, acknowledgment of student behavior, and student engagement. The observation for each skill area is brief and can be used to regularly monitor the use of classroom management practices over time. The CES staff may use the DCOT to conduct observations in classrooms or may train teachers and support staff to use the DCOT.

Initial Line of Inquiry (ILI) Facilitator’s Guide

The Initial Line of Inquiry (ILI; Knoster & Llewellyn, 2007) is a team-based problem-solving process that is intended for intervention planning for individuals in need of Tier II supports and/or screening to identify individuals in need of a comprehensive functional behavioral assessment (FBA). The ILI is based in applied behavior analysis. It is considered to be an indirect method of functional behavioral assessment as it does not require direct observations of the individual’s behavior. The CES developed this facilitator's guide to aid school staff in the implementation of the ILI. The ILI manual includes step-by-step instructions and supporting materials.

Lunchroom Behavior GameTM (LBG)

Non-classroom environments, typically staffed by paraprofessionals with little or no training in effective management strategies, pose a challenge to teachers and administrators concerned with increasing rates of disruptive student behavior. Nowhere is this concern more evident than in the school cafeteria. The Lunchroom Behavior Game (LBG) is a comprehensive, research-supported, and easily administered training program designed to reduce the level of disruption in your school cafeteria. The LBG training is offered to paraprofessionals, teachers, and administrators.

Positive Outcomes with Emotion Regulation (POWER) Program: Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Secondary Students

The Positive Outcomes with Emotion Regulation (POWER) Program is an emotion regulation program for students in grades 9-12. The program consists of seven core small-group sessions, with additional group and individual meeting opportunities based on student need. As a brief, group-based intervention, the POWER Program is well-suited for implementation at Tier II within an MTSS framework. It includes empirically supported techniques grounded in motivational interviewing, behavioral skills training, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. The POWER program is designed to be implemented by any school personnel.

Toolbox of Parenting SkillsTM (TOPS): Parent Management Training

The Toolbox of Parenting Skills (TOPS) curriculum is a training program for parents designed for delivery by school personnel. Based on the most effective approach to training parents, TOPS offers parents a methodology for encouraging positive behavior in their youngsters as an alternative to using harsh and/or ineffective punishment approaches. The TOPS train-the-trainer program is offered for school counselors, social workers, psychologists, teachers and administrators.