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eNewsletter - July 2019

Devereux Georgia Highlights

Executive Women Outreach Luncheon

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is committed to bringing awareness to the mental health issues that so many are faced with today. Last month, Gwendolyn Skinner, our Vice President of Operations, participated in a panel discussion at the Mansour Center on mental health issues in adults and children and the effects those issues have on everyday life. The purpose of the panel discussion was to educate people on how mental illness affects a person’s academic, professional, and social life and to encourage those struggling with mental illness to have a voice. With one in five people effected by mental illness, it touches all of us. Discussions like this one, are necessary to keep the conversation around mental illness going.

Supervisory Excellence

Activity Therapy Manager, Patrice Pusha was named Devereux Georgia’s Supervisory Excellence award winner for her unmatched dedication and service to her team and our organization. Patrice started at Devereux Georgia a little over a year and a half ago, and in that time, she has made a significant impact on the staff and the clients we serve. Patrice works daily to plan and manage therapeutic activities that keep our clients involved. Patrice’s commitment to service was rewarded with a $500.00 award.

Celebrating PRIDE

June is PRIDE month, a celebration of the LGBTQ rights movement in America. To celebrate, Devereux Georgia hosted a PRIDE social and parade. The purpose of the social was to teach our clients how they can be an ally for the LGBTQ community. The PRIDE parade was a celebration of promoting acceptance and resisting hate. Devereux is leading the field with innovative approaches to inclusion. This is evident through our Gold Seal certification awarded by the Human Rights Campaign.

Partnership with a Purpose

Thank you Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC) for volunteering to beautify our campus. As partners, MAAC coordinates resources, people and information to create positive outcomes for children and families. MAAC has created a culture of giving, which is evident through their employee give back program.

Ways to Give

Gift Cards

We are always in need of gift cards! Something so small can have a significant impact on our clients. Gift cards are used to support our clients and their various needs while here at Devereux. Your donation of a single $25.00 gift card could help meet a need of a child that may not otherwise get met. If you are interested in donating a gift card, please contact Liz Bunder at

Request for Auction Items

As we move closer to the 2019 Hope Event: Painting a Picture of Hope, we are in need of auction items. If you would like to donate items for our silent auction, please email Liz Bunder at




Our Annual Hope Event: Painting a Picture of Hope will be held on September 19, 2019 at the Marrietta Country Club in Kennesaw. Each year, Devereux Georgia host a fundraiser event that celebrates the art created by the youth we serve. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Liz Bunder at

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