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Victoria Admissions


A team of dedicated staff are available to provide assistance with your referral to the Devereux Texas- Victoria program through telephone, web contact, and traditional mail. Devereux - Victoria offers programs ranging from residential to adult services. Our admission staff is able to ensure the referral is directed to the most appropriate program, eliminating the need for multiple referral packets!

Children's Program

Admission Criteria

  • Boys and girls ages 5-14
  • Psychiatric diagnosis combined with severe behavioral problems
  • TDFPS LOC Specialized or Intense
  • Out-of-state agency or private referral

Community Living Program

Enrollment in the Community Living Program is limited to the number of individuals in specified target groups and to the geographic areas approved and identified through the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). The following private referrals are also accepted in the Community.

Living Program:

  • Individuals diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Mental illness with a demonstrated ability to live in a nonrestrictive community setting.