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Directions from HWY 101:

  1. Take the 101 to the Glen Annie/Storke Road exit.
  2. Turn towards the ocean (101N, turn Right; 101 South, turn Left).
  3. Continue on Storke Road, through the intersection at Hollister, for 1 mile until you reach the traffic light at El Colegio Road.
  4. From the far right lane, go through the intersection and follow Slough Road off to the right.
  5. Go about ½ mile along Slough Rd, and you will see the Devereux California sign. 
  6. Turn left on Devereux Way and go up an incline to the stop sign. Veer right at the sign, and you will be on Falberg Way. Numbers are prominently placed on buildings.
  7. Parking can be found to the side or behind 6960B, or in front of all buildings 6960-6990. Please park in marked parking spaces only.

Directions from Los Angeles International Airport LAX:

  1. Begin at Los Angeles International on Arrivals Acc, World Way S and go South for 80 feet Turn left and go Southeast for 60 feet
  2. Bear right on Arrivals Acc, World Way S and go East for 0.6 miles
  3. Turn right on ramp and go East for 0.2 miles
  4. Bear right on S Sepulveda Blvd and go North for 2.1 miles
  5. Bear right and go Northeast for 600 feet
  6. Bear right on Howard Hughes Pky and go East for 0.3 miles
  7. Continue on ramp and go Northwest for 0.4 miles
  8. Continue on I-405, San Diego Fwy and go North for 14 miles
  9. Exit I-405, San Diego Fwy via ramp at sign reading "US-101 Ventura Fwy to Ventura / Los Angeles" and go North for 0.7 miles
  10. Bear left on US-101 and go West for 89 miles
  11. Exit US-101 via ramp to Glen Annie/Storke Road
  12. Turn West towards the ocean (away from the mountains) and continue on Storke Road for 1 mile until it ends at El Colegio.
  13. Veer to the right onto Slough Road
  14. Go 7/10 of a mile along Slough Road to Devereux Way
  15. Turn left and proceed to our Administration building 6980 Falberg Way