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Devereux’s Outpatient Services Overview (Phoenix and Tucson)

Devereux provides outpatient services to children 0-18 years of age.  We believe that by partnering with youth and families, needs can be more readily identified and supports put in place to teach new skills and promote independence for successful living. 

Services are available either in-home or in our offices and include counseling, behavior coaching, skills training and development, psychosocial rehabilitation living skills training, behavioral health prevention, promotion and education, family support, mediation, and targeted case management. 

Devereux’s outpatient services empower families by teaching them skills to cope with a variety of challenges.  Our services are designed to:

  • preserve a child’s current placement
  • process trauma in a safe environment
  • build parenting skills
  • empower families to use natural supports
  • build on client and family strengths 

Youth We Serve

Devereux’s array of outpatient services target youth who are:

  • birth to 18 years of age
  • at risk of being disrupted from placement
  • at risk of being expelled
  • exhibiting behaviors resulting from trauma
  • transitioning from out-of-home placement
  • being considered for hospitalization
  • struggling with gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, and other identified needs 


Devereux uses the MMWIA program model, developed in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Health Services.  The goal of this program is to preserve placement by working with individuals and families to empower and strengthen communication to stabilize the family. 


Devereux provides interactive therapy to individuals, groups or families that is designed to provide support, education or understanding to resolve or manage a current problem, challenge or conflict and prevent, resolve or manage similar future problems and/or conflicts. 

Skills Training and Development

Skills training and development teaches anger management, coping, and communication skills to clients and/or their families in order to maximize the person’s ability to live and participate in the community and function independently. 

Family Support

Family support is an in-home service that involves face-to-face interaction with family member(s) and is directed towards restoration, enhancement, or maintenance of the family functioning.  The support component, increases the family’s ability to effectively interact and care for the person in the home and community. 

Behavioral Health Prevention, Promotion and Education

 Devereux’s Outpatient Services include education and training to increase behavioral health knowledge related to the enrolled person’s treatment plan.  This can be provided in single or multiple sessions to individuals, groups or families. 

Psycho Educational Services

Devereux’s psycho educational services prepare a person to engage in meaningful work-related activities and may include career/educational counseling, job shadowing, resume and interview preparation, study skills, professional decorum and dress, time management, and assistance in finding employment. 

Community Outreach

Our services include connecting the client and their family to natural supports within the community to exercise their resourcefulness and minimize additional professional therapy.  

LGBTQ+ Youth Services

Devereux provides services to the LGBTQ+ population in a safe and respectful setting.  Clients are able to explore concerns related to gender identities and expression, sexual orientation, and other identified needs through individual and/or family therapy.  Gender expansive youth also receive help navigating through school systems, accessing support within their community, outreach and advocacy.  

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