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Specialty Treatment Tracks

Devereux strives to provide the very best care and treatment for the youth we serve. We offer several Specialty Treatment Tracks that focus on specific behaviors to help support positive outcomes. These tracks are individualized and based on each youth's diagnosis, strengths, interests and experiences. In addition, family involvement is an integral part of our treatment, and parents are encouraged to visit and participate in treatment as often as possible. In bringing the family into the treatment, it is our goal to provide the families the necessary tools to help return and maintain their child in the home.

Trauma Focused Track

Devereux's vast experience and practice of trauma focused care helps youth transition from troubled lives to bright futures. Youth who have experienced sexual, physical and emotional trauma benefit from our Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) which is a therapeutic treatment model designed to treat trauma and behavioral problems related to trauma. Our highly trained and experienced therapists provide TF-CBT individual therapy. Youth also participate in a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) group therapy as well as a Psychodrama experiential group.

Anger Management Track

Devereux understands that some youth experience difficulty in controlling their anger. Our experienced therapists provide group therapy utilizing the Aggression Replacement Therapy curriculum. An intensive focus is placed on identifying triggers, improving coping skills and developing healthy ways of expressing emotions without using aggression.

Substance Abuse Track

The effects of substance abuse can be devastating for our youth and families. Devereux offers specialized group and individual therapy to help youth who are struggling with substance abuse or dependence. We provide an initial assessment using the SASSI substance abuse assessment. Youth with active substance abuse issues receive group therapy using the skills education from the Matrix model. Youth with a history of use but no current use receive group therapy using the Cannabis Youth Treatment series model. An intensive focus is placed on youth learning to make healthier decisions, commit to recovery, and relapse prevention.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC)

Youth who have experienced sexual exploitation benefit from our safe and caring treatment environment. Devereux provides a therapeutic track tailored to meet the needs of these youth. Psychoeducational curriculum is utilized to promote education, identity development, medical and psychiatric risk factors, healthy relationships, and relapse prevention. Youth enrolled in this clinical track will be dually enrolled in our Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) program.

Social Skills/Life Skills Track

Social skills and life skills are necessary to prepare our youth for successful futures. Youth who have cognitive delays or developmental disabilities participate in group therapy with a focus on improving their activities of daily living, hygiene, ability to relate socially to others, vocational skills, and independent living skills. Youth have an opportunity to work in our Journey Café to practice customer service skills, food preparation, and money management to prepare them for community reintegration.

Social Skills/Impulse Control Track

Many youth experience impulse control issues and difficulties with appropriate social interactions. We provide specific group therapy to address these issues, with an intensive focus on learning to delay gratification, improve impulse control, and develop healthier coping skills. In addition, emotion regulation and anger management skills are taught in this treatment track.