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Devereux Florida receives $95,000 to enhance foster family recruitment

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida was recently awarded a $95,000 grant through the state’s child welfare system to enhance foster family recruitment efforts and the provision of therapeutic support for foster youth.  

The organization will use the funds to launch a targeted foster family recruitment initiative and provide comprehensive therapeutic support services to foster youth within areas of the state.  

“We are thrilled that the state of Florida recognized our efforts through this incredibly generous grant,” said Devereux Florida’s Assistant Executive Director Lisa Kroger. “We believe that by providing intensive support services for our therapeutic foster families, they will be better equipped to meet the unique challenges with each placement and, together, we will accomplish an increase in stable placement opportunities for youth – and an expanded capacity of foster homes.”  

About the foster family recruitment initiative

A strategic goal of this important initiative is to focus foster family recruitment efforts with individuals who have extensive experience supporting youth who most often are waiting for therapeutic placements. For example, foster youth, ages 13-17 years, with a history of behavioral issues often associated with significant trauma, and a history of involvement in Juvenile Justice System.  

The Devereux team will work directly with foster parents to identify potential areas for training and support, guide peer groups to identify opportunities to address and resolve problem behaviors, and provide one-on-one coaching to assist foster parents through difficult situations.  

“By focusing foster parent recruitment efforts with individuals who have direct experience with these youth in need, there is the expectation that those who become foster parents will have an increased understanding of the children’s needs and an informed ability navigate the resources available to provide therapeutic support,” explained Kroger. 

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