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Day Programs

Devereux California offers a state-of-the-art day program that address the diverse needs of adults with developmental, behavioral, and physical challenges in safe, caring, and supportive settings. The goal of the Adult Day Programs (ADP) is to maximize personal growth, independent functioning, and life satisfaction. 

Adult Day Programs serve Santa Barbara community members as well as Devereux residents over 18 years of age, and are available on a full or part time basis. The ADP offers warm, encouraging and stimulating environments in which participants can flourish and enjoy productive, meaningful, and satisfying learning and recreational experiences. 

The day program offers instruction and support for building prevocational skills. These include dressing and grooming for work, working well as a team member, responding to instructions, and staying on task. These and many other skills are taught in a learning environment with a model office and a computer lab.  In addition, there are opportunities to work in a café type environment, greenhouse, and farmers’ market.  Volunteer opportunities in the community, such as working at the foodbank give participants real world experience to use their new critical work skills. 

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Community Skills Development Program (CSDP)

Supported by a 1:3 staff to participant ratio, the Community Skills Development Program provides intensive developmental services to adults with significant intellectual and behavioral challenges.

Highly trained program staff teach the following skills in the context of engaging activities:

  • communication
  • interpersonal
  • self-management
  • pre-vocational
  • life

Learning activities typically focus on communication, self-care, computer skills, creative arts, recycling, and greenhouse work, and community skills development, including shopping, transportation, and participation in community events.  

Day Training and Activity Center (DTAC)

The Day Training and Activity Center (DTAC) offers a wide range of educational, prevocational, and recreational activities with a 1:6 staff to participant ratio.  Participants learn social, work, independent living, and creative skills through stimulating activities provided by friendly, professional staff in a learning environment, including a computer lab, and with the majority of learning activities in community settings.

The Devereux Greenhouse & Farmer’s Market

Our Greenhouse provides a prevocational work opportunity supported by the Adult Day Program including selling plants at the local Farmers’ Markets. The Greenhouse is open to the public for direct plant sales on Friday mornings. (Call for directions! (805) 968-2525)

Proceeds from all sales, after costs, are shared among individual workers according to participation. Being part of this project gives our folks self-esteem in the growing business, and makes valuable contributions to our local community.

Key Program Elements

Each of Devereux’s Adult Day Programs addresses four key developmental components, including behavior management, socio-emotional development, personal care, shopping skills, and prevocational and vocational development.

Behavior management focuses on the development of effective self-management and problem solving skills. These skills are promoted through instruction in stress reduction, coping strategies, and assertiveness. Special emphasis is placed on learning functional alternatives to aggressive and self-destructive behavior.

Socio-emotional development activities focus on building interpersonal and communication skills needed to effectively communicate personal needs and desires, and to live and work cooperatively with others.

Personal care and consumer education targets the development of grooming and hygiene skills, functional academics, health and safety skills, community mobility, money management, shopping skills, and use of community resources.

Vocational development promotes employment readiness and marketable work skills. Programming extends from basic pre-vocational training to part-time volunteer work to employment in various Devereux and community settings.

All program participants are empowered to maximize independent functioning and self-determination. Individualized objectives and care plans are developed collaboratively by the participant, family members, program staff, and allied professionals based on current functioning levels, developmental needs, and personal priorities.

Tours and Visits

Family members and supporting professionals are welcome to visit the adult day programs after making arrangements with the Manager of Admissions & Marketing.  Tours by prospective participants, family members, volunteers, and supporters are encouraged and available through prior arrangement.