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Day Programs

Devereux California’s Adult Day Program is designed to enhance personal growth, independence and life satisfaction. The program is offered five days per week, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Devereux California’s Weisman Center in Goleta. Monthly or weekly community recreation trips also are offered as part of this program.

All individuals enrolled in Devereux California’s services can participate in our Adult Day Program, along with any interested adults in the surrounding communities. Our adults engage in a variety of scheduled, structured activities to enhance social skills, teamwork, subject matter learning and relaxation, as well as physical fitness and well-being. Specifically, the program offers a range of adult learning, vocational and leisure activities that are supervised by Devereux California staff. Participants become knowledgeable about the variety of resources and activities available to them in the greater Santa Barbara community. We teach how to access those opportunities for independent excursions.

Our longstanding greenhouse vocational program, part of our Adult Day Program, provides participants with an opportunity to develop horticultural skills and customer service training. The greenhouse employs one to six adults on a rotating basis, and is supervised by two staff members.

Learn more about our Greenhouse program.