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Victoria Children's Residental Program

It is our belief that when children are regularly engaged in positive experiences, they are less likely to engage in challenging behaviors. The Children’s Program is designed to increase pro-social behaviors and decrease challenging behaviors. Through positive role modeling, opportunities are provided for the children to successfully develop appropriate social skills. Children gaining these skills will live productive lives and have a healthy and positive self-identity. All Devereux staff, including direct care professionals, therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, teachers and administrators, actively promote confidence in our children. Each member of the staff at Devereux-Victoria is considered to be an agent for pro-social change.

Children’s Program

The Children’s Program at Devereux-Victoria is a 24-hour residential treatment program that provides treatment to emotionally and cognitively affected children ages 5-14. The program’s goals are to provide structure and therapeutic intervention with the aim of returning children to their homes or to lower levels of care. All children receive attention, direction, assistance and supervision from highly trained direct-care professionals. The educational program is based on positive rewards for achievement of desired behaviors and academic progress. We believe every student has the ability to reach his or her maximum potential. Students are provided with challenging experiences that build upon individual strengths and are encouraged to achieve the highest and most appropriate personal goals.

Licenses and Accreditations

  • Approved by the Texas Education Agency
  • Approved by the California Education Agency
  • Approved by the Illinois Education Agency
  • Licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as a Residential Treatment Center


Treatment Components

  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • On-site psychiatric care
  • Positive social modeling
  • Structured daily program
  • Safe environment/living area
  • Recreational programming
  • Crisis prevention and intervention
  • Spiritual care activities
  • Educational services
  • Nursing services


Admission Criteria

  • Boys and girls ages 5-14
  • Psychiatric diagnosis combined with severe behavioral problems
  • TDFPS LOC Specialized or Intense
  • Out-of-state agency or private referral


Treatment Team

  • Psychiatrist
  • Treatment Director
  • Licensed Clinical Therapist
  • Case Coordinator
  • Program/Unit Manager
  • Direct Care Professional
  • Nurse
  • Client
  • Family