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Trauma Recovery Treatment

Devereux offers a safe, caring environment to support the recovery of girls and young women who have experienced sexual, physical and emotional trauma. For over 40 years in Georgia, our therapeutic residential programs have provided sophisticated treatment for youth who are victims of sexual abuse and trauma. In recent years, Devereux Georgia has developed specialized and focused treatment for girls who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation.

These youth are in desperate need of a protected environment that offers a sense of security and predictability. Treatment strategies are designed to help the girls understand victimization and learn the skills needed to create a different life for themselves.

Treatment components include:

  • Assessment of trauma symptoms/issues
  • Development of an individualized treatment plan to address identified issues
  • Individual therapy utilizing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)
  • Group therapy focused on coping strategies to support trauma recovery
  • Psychopharmacological interventions to help stabilize depressive and post-traumatic stress symptoms
  • Family Therapy to involve the family in the youth's treatment and recovery
  • Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) group therapy – specialized group therapy for female youth who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation. This group utilizes the Strive for Respect Curriculum which focuses on self respect, safety, healthy relationships, sexual health, developing a complete life story, and an individualized safety and recovery plan.

Almost all of my child's needs have been met. She seems to be on the right track since she came to Devereux. Her therapist has done a great job working with her and would definitely recommend Devereux.
- Parent of Melissa