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Sharing inspirational messages of hope and resilience

Public health emergencies, like COVID-19 (Coronavirus), can be stressful and challenging for families and communities. At Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, we believe it is important to promote positivity and a sense of calm as we navigate these unprecedented times together. One way we are doing this is by finding inspiration amid the uncertainty. 

We invite you to look below for videos, and excerpts from letters and emails, offering messages of hope, kindness and resilience from Devereux’s families, caregivers, employees and supporters as we strive to emerge safer, stronger and healthier than ever before. Please note we are withholding last names for privacy purposes.

Letters and Testimonials  |  Videos


Letters and testimonials

Look below to see what we are hearing from Devereux family members, caregivers and employees. 


Graduation season is upon us - and we want to wish all of our 2022 graduates the very best. 

At Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Learning Center, 16 students will be graduating this month. Education Director Susan Nice, MSW, praised the students and discussed their achievements. Here is what she had to say about just a few of them. 

  • Michael: “Michael is always happy, and can be counted on to cheer you up and put a big smile on your face,” Nice said. “He enjoys coloring the most beautiful pictures always staying inside the lines. During his time at Devereux, Michael made many friends who will miss his smile and jokes.” 
  • Kevin: “Kevin comes to school every day with a big smile on his face, and he greets his friends and staff with an enthusiastic wave,” Nice shared. “He is a very friendly and outgoing young man. Kevin also is a hard worker who enjoys completing all of his tasks throughout the day. We are going to miss him, but are excited for his next chapter in life.” 
  • Kayla: “Kayla loves interacting with classmates and adults alike, and regularly provides compliments on others’ hair styles, clothing and accessories,” Nice noted. “Her caring nature is apparent by how quickly she praises everyone on their accomplishments, offers assistance and comforts them when they are upset. We are so honored to have been a part of her journey.” 
  • Andrew: “Andrew loves everything related to firefighters, construction vehicles, trucks and motorcycles,” Nice said. “He has a contagious laugh that makes everyone want to join in when they hear it. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge about a variety of topics, and readily shares that knowledge with his peers. We wish him all the best in the future.” 
  • Benjamin: “Benjamin has made tremendous progress while attending Devereux Pennsylvania’s CIDDS Learning Center,” Nice explained. “Initially, he only made requests using single words, but now, he is able to request items using complete sentences. Benjamin is a hard worker who loves participating in employment training activities - his favorite being the campus zoo. We will miss his big smile and enthusiasm.” 
  • Taree: “Taree is mindful to look presentable at all times. He enjoys participating in employment training activities, such as cafeteria work, cleaning and trash removal,” Nice shared. “Taree also likes spending time at the campus zoo, sitting and watching the animals. He knows his daily schedule by heart and will indicate when it is time for the next activity. He will be greatly missed.” 

Look below to view photos of some of the Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS Learning Center’s 2022 graduates.


Congratulations to the class of 2022! 

Devereux centers across the country recently held graduation ceremonies to celebrate the achievements of their students. 

At Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) center, five students graduated from Brandywine and Mapleton schools, and shared their hopes and dreams for the future. 

Brandywine graduates: 

  • Luis Rivera: Luis prides himself in being known as a “car guy.” He will pursue employment at an auto shop. 
  • Ben Tashoff: Ben plans to attend SUNY Westchester Community College in the fall. 

Mapleton graduates: 

  • Michael “Tre” Earland III: Michael plans to enlist in the armed forces. 
  • “Lex” Maris: Lex hopes to join the workforce in the coming year, and then attend a four-year college. 
  • Dorothy Ryan: Dorothy is passionate about the culinary world, and wants to pursue a certificate in culinary arts. 

“We want to congratulate these students, and wish them well as they embark on the next chapter,” said Devereux Pennsylvania CBHS Executive Director Patricia Hillis-Clark, Psy.D. “Throughout their time at Devereux, they challenged themselves to do and be their very best. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and accomplishments, and cannot wait to see what the future holds.” 

Look below to view photos of Devereux Pennsylvania CBHS’ 2022 graduates.


To pay tribute to a student, Zach, who passed away in November 2021 after a courageous battle with cancer, Devereux Connecticut -The Glenholme School recently launched the “The Kindness Project."

Each month, the school sets a theme - based on Zach’s “12 Rules for Life” - and recognizes a student who embodies that theme. Here are Zach’s rules.

Rule #12: When you get angry, put it behind you and get back to life. It should take about 20 minutes. Apologize if needed.
Rule #11: Smile, a lot. Tell jokes - good ones, bad ones. Laugh a lot.
Rule #10: Love and surround yourself with animals.
Rule #9: Stay busy doing lots of things. Find your passions and go deep. Learn everything you can, and then learn more.
Rule #8: Give back to others as much as you can. Help. Share. Volunteer.
Rule #7: When someone has cancer. Run toward them. Check on them. Don’t stop. Stay with them.
Rule #6: Sing if you want to sing.
Rule #5: Be like Zach. Keep moving forward.
Rule #4: Be compassionate and have empathy.
Rule #3: Move with urgency.
Rule #2: Grief gives you choices. Don’t let grief suffocate you. You can still be sad, but turn that grief into action.
Rule #1: Tell those you love that you love them. Hug them.

“Zach was kind, brave and resilient - an inspiration to many of our students and staff,” said Glenholme School Executive Director Noah Noyes. “We wanted to find a way to honor him. In addition to ‘The Kindness Project,’ we are naming our horse barn after Zach. The barn was his favorite place on campus - he loved riding and taking care of our hoses. We have even invited our students to help design a sign for the barn. Zach was a truly special student, and we want his memory to live on at Glenholme.”

Look below to view a photo of Glenholme students and staff wearing a T-shirt that says, “Be Like Zach.”


The eighth annual “Face-Off for Autism” hockey tournament, recently held at Ice Line in West Chester, Pa., scored big, raising $14,000 for Devereux Pennsylvania’s Bridge Fund.

The Bridge Fund helps adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other disabilities - served by Devereux Pennsylvania’s Community Adult Autism Partnership Program (CAAPP) - bridge the gap between high school graduation and adult programming to ensure there is no lapse in service.

A total of 24 teams took to the ice for the tournament, which was hosted by Shinny USA. During the event, there also was an opportunity for those in attendance to listen to presentations by two adults - John Pagnoni and Scott Compton - who are enrolled in Devereux Pennsylvania’s CAAPP program. John and Scott discussed their accomplishments and how the CAAPP program has helped them thrive.

“This was our first ‘Face-Off for Autism’ hockey tournament since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are extremely grateful to our players, sponsors and volunteers for making it a tremendous success,” said Devereux Executive Director of Autism Services and event co-organizer Todd Harris, Ph.D. “All of the proceeds from this event benefit our Bridge Fund, which helps provide individualized services and supports for adults like John and Scott in Chester, Montgomery and Delaware counties.”

Look below to view photos of the event, including photos of John (center) and Scott (right).


A child welfare agency representative who works with Devereux Florida recently wrote a note to Therapist Merlaine Sivels, thanking her for helping to improve the lives of those she serves. Look below to read the agency representative’s inspirational message.

“I want you to know how amazing you are! All of our youth that have had the pleasure of working with you have come out for the better. You have an amazing relationship with each of the girls you work with - you are kind and compassionate, but more importantly, you are honest with them. You challenge them to be better and to see that they can improve in spite of their circumstances. You truly are one of my favorite therapists, and I do not say that lightly. Thank you for everything that you do. The world will be a better place because of you!”

 - Florida child welfare lead agency representative


Devereux is committed to helping team members enhance their knowledge and abilities. Devereux Pocono Residential Manager Cassandra Jones recently shared how she has grown within the organization. Look below to read her professional development journey.

"I joined Devereux Pocono in 2007, starting out as a direct support professional in one of the personal care homes. At that time, I held another full-time job, and used all of my vacation time from that job to pick up extra shifts at Devereux Pocono. The managers of those homes gave me the opportunity to take on different responsibilities in their homes, from grocery shopping to completing the schedules to going to the Special Olympics. In 2008, I became team leader, and in 2009, I was promoted to residential manager. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to oversee and manage many homes. I enjoy what I do and the individuals in my care. At times, it can challenging. However, it also is rewarding and meaningful. Taking care of our individuals gives you a sense of worth. I have received the Supervisor Excellence Award twice. Working with a good team and leadership ensure that I want to continue my employment here at Devereux.”

 - Cassandra Jones, Devereux Pocono residential manager


At Devereux, we remain committed to helping children, adolescents and adults of all abilities lead meaningful lives.

Recently, team members at Devereux New Jersey asked the individuals they serve what they want others to know about them and their disability. Look below to read just a few of their powerful responses.

“Our disabilities don’t keep us from getting or doing anything we want in life. I can communicate, work and get what I need.”
- Heather, Devereux New Jersey individual

“It’s a struggle, but we learn to live with it. We are still people trying to have a good life.”
- Ajanai, Devereux New Jersey individual

“We can have jobs, make our own money, have our own apartment.”
- Jimmy, Devereux New Jersey individual

“It is hard to live with a disability, but you can do it.”
- Asha, Devereux New Jersey individual

“I am very caring, polite and very friendly.”
- John, Devereux New Jersey individual

“We can do things like everybody else.”
- Jason, Devereux New Jersey individual


At Devereux, we are grateful for our community partners who help us provide the best possible care and support for the individuals and families we serve.

Recently, one of Devereux Florida’s community partners shared feedback about working with the organization. Look below to read the motivational message.

“The impact that Devereux has on the life of others is wonderful. The energy of everyone I have spoken to from the organization is always so positive and empowering. A real inspiration!”
- Devereux Florida community partner


Recently, Devereux TexasDiversity, Equity and Inclusion committee gathered testimonials from team members, as well as the individuals they serve, about what Black History Month means to them. Throughout the month, the DEI committee shared the testimonials with staff at the center’s Victoria campus.

Look below to read just a few of the messages.

“For me, Black history is to remember the way that it was, and to never forget. Also, to remember and respect those who came before - it’s better now because of them.”
- Della Brown, Devereux Texas team member

“It means our freedom - free speech, the ability to move freely and receive a better education. It exists to set standards for our children.”
- Lanell Garza, Devereux Texas team member

“It’s a celebration of what came before. It’s an opportunity for people of color to not dwell on their problems, but focus on what we have and how far we’ve come.”
- Arthur Peoples, Devereux Texas team member

“Black history means that when a strong people were given the worst, we overcame. We have achieved a lot of things. Our history has shown us that we can be anything we want to be.”
- Vanessa Edwards, Devereux Texas team member


Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island’s Servant Leadership Champions and members of the center’s leadership team recently distributed more than 400 goodie bags containing snacks, candy, lip balm with a message that says, “You’re the balm,” a personalized thank you note created by art students, and other items to family and friends of employees.

“Our team members go above and beyond every day to help those in their care overcome challenges, learn new skills and thrive. We want to not only thank our remarkable and dedicated staff, but also those special people who support them at home and give them the strength and encouragement they need to give their all,” said Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island Executive Director Kerry Ann Goldsmith, M.A. “Our employees strive to make a difference in the lives of those they serve. We understand the commitment this takes from them, as well as their loved ones behind the scenes, empowering them to succeed.”

Look below to view photos of the goodie bags and thank you gifts.


At Devereux, we place significant importance on professional development. Recently, Devereux Pocono People Operations Generalist Jessica Henkels shared how learning new skills has helped her further her career. Look below to read her testimonial.

“I was hired in 2015 as a part-time direct support professional for the day program. I consistently met with my supervisor to work on an individualized development plan, which included weekly check-ins to report on progress. I accepted additional duties; shadowed my supervisor periodically to learn new skills; and attended various meetings and trainings. I was promoted to People Operations assistant in 2016 and continued working on my development. I was again promoted in July 2020 to People Operations specialist and, most recently, to People Operations generalist in 2021.”

 - Jessica Henkels, Devereux Pocono People Operations generalist


Recently, Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Philadelphia Foster Care Program Director Elizabeth Smith and Program Supervisor Devan Isabell shared a story of a resource parent support worker who plays a critical role in the success of foster youth and families every day. Look below to read their inspiring story.

“Resource Parent Support Worker Darnell Day has worked for Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS for more than 20 years and is always quick to respond to any foster care program need. Darnell develops strong relationships with his colleagues, the individuals he serves and his foster parents. He is always available for his foster parents. He even conducts extra safety checks and visits for those not on his caseload. And on at least two occasions, Darnell helped transport youth who were not on his caseload, to and from school.

In his previous role, Darnell was a foster parent trainer and managed several pre-service orientation classes. He continues to inspire foster parents every day to never give up and offers reminders that the youth are in care for a reason. Foster parents frequently say, ‘Mr. Day taught me that,’ referencing a specific skill for how to work with foster children/youth. Darnell has many, many stories to tell about our youth and families, and he plays a critical role in their success.”

 - Elizabeth Smith, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS program director,
   and Devan Isabell, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS program supervisor


Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island Coordinator of Diagnostic Services and Clinical Training Rachel Schein recently shared a story of team members who went above and beyond to meet the needs of a transgender youth. Look below to read her story of hope.

“A 16-year-old transgender youth came to us from an out-of-state program, where ze struggled significantly. This individual was diagnosed with several challenges at zir previous placement, and zir parents were highly invested in treatment.

The youth was with us for just over a year and, during that time, participated in gender therapy, intensive family work and elements of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Ze also participated in comprehensive testing, yielding an appropriate diagnosis. During zir time at Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island, our team worked with the family to identify new providers in the Boston area to best meet the needs of the youth and family. Several transition sessions were conducted to ensure a smooth return to the community. Our clinical director was even able to identify a community provider who specializes in providing gender-affirming care and DBT!”
- Rachel Schein, Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island coordinator of diagnostic services and clinical training


Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Philadelphia Foster Care Program Supervisor Ursula Yau recently shared a story of a case coordinator who provided ongoing support and guidance to a foster parent who later adopted three teenage girls. Look below to read her story of resilience.

“Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS Case Coordinator Destinee Howell was assigned to work with a young foster parent, T., who wanted to foster teenage girls. However, teenage girls come with challenges, especially when many of them live in the same home.

Destinee did a wonderful job building a good rapport with T., who trusted Destinee and turned to her whenever she needed assistance. No matter the time of day or day of the week, Destinee answered calls from T., helping her through a crisis. T. said that without Destinee’s support and guidance, she would have given up, but Destinee helped her see she could overcome any challenge.

When T. decided to adopt three teenage girls, Destinee supported her throughout the adoption process. While the girls had occasional challenging behaviors, Destinee reminded T. not only of her own strengths, but of the girls’ strengths, and how to work together to solve issues. The adoption process was a success, and T. attributed a large part of that success to the support provided by Destinee to this new forever family.”
- Ursula Yau, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS program supervisor


Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island Executive Director Kerry Ann Goldsmith, M.A., recently shared a story of team members who helped successfully place a 15-year-old boy in a foster home that was welcoming and affirming of his identity. Look below to read her story of resilience.

“A 15-year-old boy was admitted to Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island’s residential program for a diagnostic assessment following disruptions in more than one foster home. The reason: The youth had been placed with various foster parents, some of whom were religious and not affirming of his identity. He struggled to articulate his feelings and, as a result, engaged in challenging behaviors.

When the youth came to Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island, he had few permanent connections. But through work with his clinician and case manager, he reconnected with his biological sister and visits her regularly.

During his assessment and clinical sessions, he was able to pinpoint characteristics that were most important to him in a foster home; and he learned how to talk with potential families about what he needed. The youth was successfully discharged to an affirming foster home, and is currently doing very well, attending public school and maintaining ongoing contact with his sister.”
- Kerry Ann Goldsmith, Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island executive director


Devereux Colorado recently unveiled a mural, located inside a residential building on campus, to inspire the girls who live there that the future is theirs to create.

The mural - titled “I was, I am, I will be” - was painted by Colorado artist Julio Mendoza and emphasizes the values of adventure, community, empowerment, health and hope. The mural features the images of a girl heading out on an adventure, a nurse, a grandmother and a girl graduating from school.

“We are thrilled with the mural - it is absolutely beautiful,” said Devereux Colorado Executive Administrator Bonnie Wright, MBA. “The artist began painting it in September, and it was completed two months later. The mural ties the whole building together. All of the colors used also are featured prominently in the bedrooms. We hope the mural is something the youth in our care will be able to relate to and embrace.”

Devereux Colorado Program Director Carolina Cambra also noted, “When our team members saw the mural for the first time, they were completely blown away. Art is a universal language that everyone can appreciate. The mural represents all of us. For the girls who live here, we are just a stop on their journey through life, and the artist captured that movement and change.”

Look below to view a photo of the mural.


Recently, a former Devereux California employee, who worked for the organization from 1969 to 1972, reached out to team members to share memories of her job and a photo of a painting she created of the Devereux Slough, which is located near Devereux California’s campus in Santa Barbara.

In a letter to staff, 90-year-old Karma Smith wrote, “I loved my job - and the area down there - a place I would be happy to live.”

Devereux California Manager of Marketing and Admissions Indra Strong, MBA, noted, “We were so touched that Karma reached out to us, and it is clear, she still holds Devereux near and dear to her heart. After speaking with her on the phone, I sent her brochures of our current services, as well as photos of our campus and the Devereux Slough. She then sent me a beautiful rainbow folder filled with materials she had kept safe for nearly 50 years, including letters and photos. We are grateful to have this connection - it has been an absolute honor to get to know Karma, hear her stories and enjoy her artwork.”

Look below to view a photo of Karma Smith’s painting of the Devereux Slough.


At Devereux, we are grateful for our committed and compassionate staff who work tirelessly all year long to serve and support the children, adolescents and adults in our care. Recently, team members at Devereux New Jersey shared what they are most thankful for in 2021. Look below to read their inspiring testimonials.

I am thankful to join an individual’s personal journey when they enter the Supported Employment program. It is an honor to watch them grow and reach their full potential, assist them with their challenges and celebrate their unique successes.
- Karen K., Devereux New Jersey program manager

“I am thankful to work at Devereux because we place a strong emphasis on putting our individuals first in the services we provide every day. I am also thankful to all of our staff who chose the profession of helping others.”
- Michelle L., Devereux New Jersey clinical director

“I am thankful to be part of a team that thoughtfully makes decisions based on the best outcomes for those we serve.”
- Mary N., Devereux New Jersey executive assistant

“I am thankful I get to help people and make a difference in their lives. I am thankful I get to live my childhood answer to, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’”
- Amy P., Devereux New Jersey behavior specialist

“I am thankful that my career path has led me to help those in need and to be able to support and advocate for them.”
- Amy T., Devereux New Jersey admission specialist


Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) center recently hosted “Compassion Week” to remind team members about the importance of always treating their colleagues, the individuals and families they serve - and themselves - with compassion. The theme of the week was, “Compassion starts here.”

Throughout the week, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS’ Servant Leadership committee highlighted the importance of infusing compassion into all actions and interactions. Committee members shared inspirational messages and quotes; organized a bingo game with prizes; served donuts; and distributed goodie bags containing a face mask that says, “Compassion starts here.”

“Compassion is not just about being kind and considerate to others. We also need to show compassion to ourselves,” said Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS Executive Director Carol Anne McNellis, Psy.D. BCBA. “Practicing self-care is critical - it may be difficult to show others empathy and understanding when you feel depleted. During ‘Compassion Week,’ we offered employees this advice: ‘Be more compassionate to yourself first, and you will find that your own compassion for others will grow.’”

Look below to view photos from Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS “Compassion Week.”


Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Philadelphia Foster Care Program Supervisor Ursula Yau recently shared a story of a case coordinator who tirelessly advocated to get a foster child the services she needed to grow and flourish. Look below to read her story of kindness and hope.

“Case Coordinator Barisha Dill works with a special population within Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS’ Philadelphia foster care program - youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities who need individualized attention. Most of these youth are nonverbal, and will need support for the rest of their lives.

Barisha worked with one youth, P., who has lived in the same foster home for seven years. She became familiar with P.’s strengths, as well as areas where P. needed to be challenged. Although P. has limitations due to her diagnosis, Barisha did not focus on those limitations. She encouraged P. to expand her social skills at school, accept a part-time job and continue to build her communication skills with her foster parents. P. is typically very quiet around people. Over time, Barisha has seen P. open up and talk about her feelings. Barisha is attentive to her needs and has advocated tirelessly to get P. the services she needs to grow and flourish. Barisha has been a huge support to P.’s foster parents who say Barisha is the barometer for all other workers who support them. She has an amazing work ethic, and goes above and beyond for the individuals she serves when no one else will.”

 - Ursula Yau, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS program supervisor


Recently, Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island Executive Director Kerry Ann Goldsmith, M.A., shared a story of team members who led by example, providing support and encouragement to a young man in need. Look below to read her story of compassion.

“We had a young man enroll as a day student at our Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island center. The individual, who has autism, began showing an increase in challenging behaviors at home and in the community, which led to more than 15 visits to the emergency room in the past year.

Unfortunately, the student’s grandparents were in failing health, and many of the responsibilities in the home had fallen to him. He asked various providers for additional support; however, state agencies struggled to identify who was responsible for his services, given that he was of transition age.

Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island’s treatment team stepped in to advocate for the student - to get him the services he desperately needed. After several months, he was enrolled with us as a residential student and is now thriving!”

 - Kerry Ann Goldsmith, Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island executive director


In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month - Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 - students at Devereux Texas’ League City campus wrote research papers on prominent individuals of Hispanic and Latino descent, including comedian, actor and filmmaker Cantinflas; baseball player Roberto Clemente; and singer-songwriter Selena.

Students also created Amate style artwork, which is a traditional Latin American type of artwork that depicts flowers, birds and animals using brown paper and acrylic paint. And, they painted pots using a technique called hydro painting, where paint resting on the surface of water is then transferred onto an object through dipping.

“Our students really enjoyed learning about, and expressing, their Hispanic and Latino history and culture,” said Devereux Texas Executive Director Pam Reed. “This also provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain hands-on experience with different art mediums and techniques. The artwork they created was beautiful and inspiring, and they had fun throughout the entire process.”

Look below to view photos from Devereux Texas’ Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.


Recently, Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Philadelphia Foster Care Program Supervisor Ursula Yau shared a story of a case coordinator who went above and beyond to support a foster child through life’s ups and downs. Look below to read her inspiring story.

"A child, J., was placed in one of Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS’ Philadelphia foster homes when he was just 3 years old. His parents were both addicted to drugs and alcohol. J. wanted a relationship with his biological parents, but his parents’ addiction often prevented them from having consistent visits and communication.

Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS Case Coordinator Estela Vangelis was a positive figure in J.’s life. She was there for him during every visit with his parents, as well as every time a visit was canceled. Estela understands the importance of having strong and consistent adults in a young child’s life, and was determined to show J. that there are adults who will support him throughout life’s ups and downs. Estela advocated for J. in court to fight for what was best for him. She searched for a pre-adoptive home for J., and supported the foster family as they went through the adoption process. She went to his preschool and kindergarten graduations, and celebrated every milestone with him. J. was successfully adopted when he was 6 years old, and Estela was there for him on this wonderful and memorable day.”

 - Ursula Yau, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS program supervisor


A youth who recently completed specialized behavioral health treatment at Devereux Florida reached out to team members to thank them for helping her acquire the skills needed to successfully cope with life’s challenges. Look below to read her letter of gratitude.

"You have no idea how much I learned from being at Devereux. Every day, I think about all the things you guys taught me, all of my coping skills, I’m using all of that. You have no idea.”

 - Former Devereux Florida individual


At Devereux, our direct support professionals (DSPs) go above and beyond to serve and support the children, adolescents and adults in their care. During Direct Support Professional Recognition Week - Sept. 12-18 - team members across the country thanked their colleagues for making a meaningful and positive difference every day.

At Devereux Georgia, DSPs were treated to gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches from Tom + Chee food truck; a home-cooked breakfast by senior leadership members for those who work the overnight shift; ice cream sundaes; a candy party; T-shirts; and more.

“Our DSPs are hard-working, dedicated - and simply amazing,” said Devereux Vice President of Operations Gwen Skinner. “We wanted to show these inspiring individuals how much we value and appreciate all they do, day in and day out, to provide hope and healing for the youth in our care. Our DSPs are our greatest asset, and deserve our utmost thanks and praise during this appreciation week and all year long.”

Look below to view photos from Devereux Georgia’s weeklong celebration.


At Devereux, our team members go above and beyond every day to help the children, adolescents and adults in our care achieve their full potential. Recently, two Devereux Arizona program managers shared what they love most about their jobs and the organization. Look below to read excerpts from their testimonials.

“Devereux has long been a champion of the potential of each individual. All individuals regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or any other unique attribute is packed with potential in the eyes of Devereux, and we seek to help each individual unlock and share that potential. We are always striving to be better and rise to the challenges of each day. In recent years, Devereux has adopted Servant Leadership as an organization, and helped each staff member adopt the Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership, which include: Skilled Communication, Foresight, Compassionate Collaboration, Leading with Moral Authority, being a Person of Character, Systems Thinking, and Putting People First. Devereux has put me first and helped me be a better version of me. Because of that, I get to wear Devereux’s name proudly, and strive each day to unlock the potential of each diverse person I encounter. That’s not just a job. That’s not just a career loaded with potential of its own. That’s a great privilege.”

 - Allen Young, Devereux Arizona program manager

“Devereux is a Servant Leadership organization whose culture supports customer service excellence in everything we do. This organizational culture strives to exceed the expectations of everyone who seeks our services, and works to ensure that our employees receive compassionate support and coaching in exchange for their hard work and dedication. I love that I have the privilege of working for an organization whose culture supports fellow-minded people who inspire each other to work better. Devereux has built a brand I’m proud to call my own. Devereux’s focus on the work culture certainly plays a positive role in the organization’s success.”

 - Greg Strom, Devereux Arizona program manager


Two youths who recently received services through Devereux Texas thanked team members for helping them grow, develop and thrive. Look below to read their notes of appreciation.

“I’m thankful for being in Devereux’s residential treatment program because I know that it will help me in life to be able to be positive and be a success.”

 - Jasmine, former Devereux Texas individual

“Thank you for all of your support. The things you have done for us make a significant change in our day-to-day routines. You guys try to teach us not to let our past get in the way of our future.”

 - Annabelle, former Devereux Texas individual


At Devereux centers across the country, team members, as well as the children, adolescents and adults they serve, recently demonstrated their #DevereuxPride.

Throughout the month of June, they held Pride parades, raised rainbow flags and made signs showing support for the LGBTQ community.

At Devereux Georgia, the center’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee held a Pride walk and educated youth about the importance of acceptance.

“Our youth carried posters they had created with inspiring words and phrases, such as ‘Love yourself;’ ‘Be you;’ and ‘Have confidence.’ Staff cheered them on as they walked past it was amazing,” said Devereux Georgia DEI Champion Takalatiesha Smith, who helped organizing the event. “Before the walk, team members explained what LGBTQ pride means, as well as the importance of being an ally and always doing the right thing. Afterward, our individuals enjoyed snow cones, popcorn and ice cream. All three refreshment were color-coordinated with the colors of the rainbow. The ultimate goal of the event was to raise awareness and celebrate the LGBTQ community and the significant impact those individuals have had on the world.”

Look below to view photos from Devereux Georgia’s Pride walk.


A parent whose son received services through Devereux Pennsylvania Children’s Behavioral Health Services recently wrote a note, thanking Family-Based Supervisor Josh Burton and his colleagues at Devereux Pennsylvania CBHS’ Delaware office for helping her son thrive. Look below to read her heartfelt letter.

“I wanted to thank you (Josh), Devereux, Andrew and Shariff for the phenomenal service we received over the past year. You all contributed to helping us save my son’s life. He has made so much progress, and is on the road to a happy life. We could not have done it without any of you, and I will be appreciative of the support and help that was provided. I can only imagine how difficult your jobs are, but hopefully, you see that you do make a difference and help families tremendously. Thank you, again. I am forever grateful for all of you. You've made me a happy mom, and us, a happy family again.”

 - Stacy, Devereux Pennsylvania Children’s Behavioral Health Services parent


Devereux Georgia foster care staff recently honored foster parents, Joann and Bobby Jackson, for providing a safe, stable and supportive home for youth in need for more than 20 years.

Team members delivered a gift basket to the couple that included a gift card for a one-night stay and spa treatment at Callaway Resort and Gardens in Pine Mountain, Ga., along with a certificate for one night of respite care for their foster children.

Since April 2001, the Jacksons have opened their hearts and home to more than 40 children and youth with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences. Foster care staff describe them as compassionate, understanding, patient and kind.

“Being a foster parent, is not always easy, but it is extremely rewarding,” said Devereux Vice President of Operations Gwen Skinner. “Joann and Bobby are one of those special couples that understand they are not only helping children achieve success, but they also are helping families regain the stability they need to be successful. The Jacksons treat their foster children like they are their own they have a genuine desire to help people and provide each youth in their care with a sense of belonging.”

Look below to view a photo of Joann Jackson holding a sign that Devereux Georgia team members created for her.


At Devereux, we believe foster parents play a critical role in helping children heal and grow. Recently, foster parents who work with Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Philadelphia foster care program expressed their gratitude to team members for helping them in their foster care journey. Look below to read excerpts from their notes of thanks.

“Destiny has been a gift to society with her ability to be an outstanding social worker. She is empathetic to the needs of the children. She’s very charismatic, and will do whatever it takes to make sure the children are loved and well taken care of. She puts her best foot forward. Any needs they may have, and any concerns I might be dealing with, she gets it done. … When they say it takes a village to raise children, this (Devereux’s) team is the epitome of it. Thank you for all you do.”
 - Moneek - Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent

“Kate has formed a relationship with me that is not only familiar, but one of comfort. I look forward to talking to her because there is nothing like discussing … being a foster parent with someone who also shares in the passion and the love of a child’s well-being and life. When your biweekly meetings no longer feel like meetings, but feel like a safe space to discuss the well-being of your child(ren), then you know the staff has transformed into something more phenomenal than just a staff member. I appreciate Kate, and thank her for being the best form of support I needed all these years.”
 - Shareen - Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent



Recently, foster parents who work with Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Philadelphia foster care program wrote notes, thanking their case managers or resource parent support workers for helping them make a difference in the lives of youth with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences. Look below to read excerpts from their letters of appreciation.

“Being completely new to the foster care system, I so appreciate Estela’s willingness to help me through the process. … She is always willing to answer my questions and help me figure out how to do what’s best for my foster daughter. I want to thank her for making a difference for me, and for helping to make a difference in the life of my foster daughter. Our lives are forever changed - each and everything Estela has done for us has impacted both of our lives for the better! … Thank you seems like it is just not enough!”
 - Jennifer - Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent

“Darnell has trained and encouraged me to be the best foster parent I can be. Almost everything he has taught me in training, I’ve implemented in my home. Darnell is very loving, caring and passionate. He goes above and beyond to make sure the needs of everyone in my home are met. My girls love and respect him, sometimes calling on him for advice. Darnell always makes himself available to answer any questions I may have. … Darnell is very good at what he does, and I am glad to have someone like him on my team!”
 - Sharee - Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent

“Morgan is always available to discuss any challenges I face as a resource parent. When I feel I’m not getting through to my girls, I talk to Morgan and she offers great suggestions. As older adults, we believe we have the best solutions. However, when I don’t see much progress using my methods, many times, Morgan offers solutions that seem to be a better fit. …”
 - Diane - Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS resource parent



Recently, two youths who receive services through Devereux Florida expressed their gratitude to team members for providing a safe and supportive therapeutic environment, and helping them thrive and achieve their full potential. Look below to read their powerful and inspiring notes of thanks.

“I really want to thank all Devereux staff for being in my life, and changing my life to be a better person.”
 - Devereux Florida individual

“I want to stay (at Devereux Florida’s Orlando campus) because I feel safe and loved here - I can be me.”
 - Devereux Florida individual



Recently, family members of individuals served by Devereux Pennsylvania - Adult Services expressed their gratitude to staff for going above and beyond to support those in their care during COVID-19. Look below to read their inspirational messages.

“You guys rock. I absolutely love the care that my cousin gets at his facility/home. Keep up the great work and stay safe everyone!”
 - Brian, Devereux Pennsylvania - Adult Services family member

“I wanted to take time to express how wonderful the staff has been at Cornwallis (group home). They have followed all the rules and protected the boys. They are kind and loving to them, making sure their needs have been met. They have also been kind and caring to me, and I thank them every chance I get.”
 - Joy, Devereux Pennsylvania - Adult Services family member



Devereux Connecticut - The Glenholme School is building a culture of customer service excellence.

Recently, Glenholme School Executive Director Noah Noyes challenged team members to find a few minutes each day to share a noteworthy observation or accomplishment with a family member of one of the students in their care, a donor or supporter.

"Our staff might tell a parent how a student is doing in class, or how that student enjoyed a particular activity,” Noyes explained. “The feedback we have received from our families and community of supporters has been positive - and inspiring - and has helped our team members understand that what they are doing is important and their efforts do not go unnoticed. Our employees often share the responses they receive during team meetings so we can celebrate student growth and success as a community, and keep our focus on Servant Leadership and the significant impact it can have on others."



Devereux Georgia’s Advisory Board recently sponsored a food truck to thank staff for going above and beyond on a daily basis to serve and support the youth in their care.

More than 200 team members were treated to their choice of tacos, bowls or nachos topped with beef, chicken, Korean barbecue or a vegetarian option from Let’s Taco Bout It Food Truck ATL.

“We want to thank our wonderful Advisory Board members for sponsoring this food truck and showing our employees how much they value and appreciate their hard work and dedication,” said Devereux Vice President of Operations Gwen Skinner. “Team members who work an overnight shift also received a special surprise boxed lunches from Chick-fil-A. All of our staff left with smiles - and full stomachs - and were grateful for the outpouring of support.”

Look below to view a photo of the food truck.


A youth who completed specialized behavioral health treatment at Devereux Florida’s Viera campus and parent whose child currently receives services through Devereux Florida expressed their gratitude to team members for making a positive difference in the lives of those they serve every day. Look below to read their notes of thanks.

“Thank you for taking care of me and teaching me to be the man I am today. I’m going to miss you all. I am grateful for all of your support and thanks to you all.”
- Former Devereux Florida individual

"Thank God for Devereux, a place where they (the kids) feel at home and they help us parents stay calm and knowing their children are, and feel, good. Thank you all very much.”
- Devereux Florida parent



Recently, the parent of a student enrolled in Devereux Connecticut - The Glenholme School wrote a note to Glenholme School Executive Director Noah Noyes, thanking him and school staff for helping his stepson overcome the challenges he faced, including social difficulties.

“You guys saved that boy’s life. There’s just no two ways about it. You SAVED HIS LIFE. Know it for a fact, Noah. You’re all amazing individuals. What happened with my stepson is an outright, irrefutable miracle for him; for us. Because of you, he has a real shot at a real future. Nothing else is more important that helping a child overcome things.”
 - Dan, Devereux Connecticut - The Glenholme School parent



Foster parents who work with Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Philadelphia foster care program recently sent notes of thanks to team members for supporting them on their foster care journey. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“I am thankful for Devereux for giving me the opportunity to do something that I enjoy, that I love and that I am passionate about. The entire Devereux team always provides encouragement and support in any time of need, and I am thankful to be a part of such a great organization.”
 - Kendra, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent

“You guys are always there when I call you, or check in with me to make sure everything is OK or whenever I’m in need.”
 - Thejuania, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent

“I'm thankful for Devereux for the experiences that have contributed to me being a positive influence in the lives of many of the foster children that have graced my doors, and also with helping me to be a positive role model as a foster mother. Ms. Estela is one of the most efficient case workers that I have been blessed to work with.”
 - Willistine, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent

“We are truly one big happy family ... whenever there's a need my Devereux family is always there for me and my children.”
 - Sherita, Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent



Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Philadelphia foster care program recently held a holiday drive-thru event to distribute toys to more than 100 Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster children.

Dozens of toys, including puzzles, arts and crafts, action figures and dolls, were donated by Devereux corporate staff, foster parents and a local nonprofit.

Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS team members also gave foster parents gift bags filled with sweet treats, a gift card and a holiday card featuring a photo of foster care staff.

“We wanted to make the holiday season special for our foster families,” said Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS Program Supervisor Ursula Yau. “Foster parents came in shifts to pick up the presents we packed for each child. Staff members were there to greet them and make sure the gifts were distributed safely. In addition to the drive-thru event, we held Zoom meetings with our foster families to wish them happy holidays. Everyone was in good spirits, and it was our chance to thank them for their tireless efforts to keep youth happy and healthy - especially during this challenging time.”

Look below to view photos of the gifts, drive-thru event and the holiday card featuring a photo of foster care staff.


Youth enrolled in Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Learning Center recently made 60 holiday cards for residents at the Watermark at Bellingham retirement community in West Chester, Pa.

“Our students created these beautiful and thoughtful cards in art class to help brighten the holiday season for retirement home residents,” said Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS Learning Center Education Director Susan Nice, MSW, who personally delivered the cards. “This project helped our youth understand that there are people who need some extra cheer this year because they cannot be with their loved ones due to COVID-19. Students were excited to make the cards to show residents how much they care.”

Look below to view a photo of Nice delivering the cards wearing her festive holiday face mask.


This fall, Devereux Colorado youth showcased their singing, dancing and comedic skills by participating in a series of virtual talent shows.

The shows were held via Zoom over the course of seven days, with each show lasting between 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the number of performances.

Devereux Colorado team members clapped and cheered as the youth expressed themselves.

“The individuals we serve are creative, imaginative and courageous - our talent shows highlighted all of these things,” said Devereux Colorado Recreation Programs Manager Alex Dorsam. “Our youth performed song and dance routines, skits and stand-up comedy. One individual even played the flute! Some of our youth were apprehensive about performing in front of their peers and staff, but once they finished, they were extremely proud of themselves and what they accomplished. This was our center’s first Zoom talent show series, but our individuals and staff are ready to do it again! The idea for the talent show series came about during a discussion in one of our recent National Recreation Committee meetings. The committee is comprised of recreation program staff from across our organization. We meet every week and share creative and effective ways to keep our individuals engaged. Other centers experienced similar success with their Zoom talent shows.”


On Nov. 20, students and staff at Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island observed Transgender Day of Remembrance and honored the memory of transgender individuals whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence.

Dressed in black and carrying white cards with the names of 37 transgender and gender diverse individuals who died in 2020, 37 youth and team members walked around the Devereux School. Afterward, each participant read aloud the name of one individual who lost their life, and the group held a moment of silence.

Transgender Day of Remembrance has been observed annually since 1999 when transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith held a vigil to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998, and all of the transgender people lost to violence since Hester’s death. Each year, cities and communities around the world commemorate these individuals with vigils, rallies, marches and other gatherings.

“No one should be afraid to live life as their authentic self,” said Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Massachusetts and Rhode Island Director of Clinical Services Ashley Warhol, Psy.D. “By holding this event we wanted to honor individuals whose lives were cut tragically short and raise awareness of the challenges that remain for LGBTQ youth and adults. Over the course of Transgender Awareness Week, students listened to guest speakers who shared their own powerful and inspiring stories; learned about gender diversity and LGBTQ inclusion; and watched meaningful documentaries on these important topics.”


Earlier this year, Devereux Georgia’s Servant Leadership committee established a monthly “Blow People Away Award” to formally recognize and thank team members for going above and beyond to demonstrate Servant Leadership. The award also honors those employees who provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction to the youth and families they serve, external partners - or each other.

Teacher Arleen Diagostino recently received the award for “always demonstrating a servant’s heart.”

“Ms. Diagostino consistently puts others first - and encourages her students to do the same,” said Sherry McKenzie, principal at Devereux Georgia’s Ackerman Academy. “She launched the ‘Caught Being Kind’ initiative, which recognizes students for performing random acts of kindness. This initiative is a great way to promote Servant Leadership across our campus, and teach our youth the value of putting other people first. We want to thank Ms. Diagostino for her passion and dedication to our students and staff.”

Look below to view a photo of Ms. Diagostino with her award.


Recently, a youth who receives services through Devereux Florida’s Viera campus wrote a note to Campus Administrator Wendell Normile and Program Manager Akina Orr, thanking them for providing outstanding care and support.

“I would like to give Ms. Akina and Mr. Wendell thanks. They understood me and helped figure some things out, and know what’s important to me. It really made my day so much better! Thank you both so very much. You guys are amazing!”
- Devereux Florida individual

Look below to view a photo of Akina Orr and Wendell Normile.


Casa Del Rio Mexican Restaurant recently donated delicious (and authentic) Mexican style meals to Devereux Arizona staff. Team members from all work shifts were able to select a meal from Casa Del Rio’s menu, and the restaurant’s owner, Doug Jackson, personally delivered them at lunchtime.

“We are extremely grateful to Casa Del Rio for generously donating enchiladas, tacos, tostadas and other flavorful food for our essential employees to savor and enjoy,” said Devereux Arizona Executive Director Yvette Jackson, LMSW, DBH. “We also want to thank our team members for providing cactus-shaped cookies for dessert, as well as goodie bags, to show their front-line colleagues how much they value and appreciate all they are doing to support the youth in our care.”

Look below to view photos of the event.


Recently, a Devereux foster parent reached out to team members in Florida to express just how much she loves providing a supportive and nurturing home to children in need.

"Every child should have the opportunity to be a child, and I am delighted that Devereux has given me an opportunity to be a foster mom. I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.”
- Devereux Florida foster parent


A youth who receives services through Devereux Florida recently wrote a note to show Direct Support Professional Racquel Gist how much she values and appreciates her support.

"She always gets me going when I’m depressed, and doesn’t stop trying until she’s successful. She provides a lot of activities for us so we aren’t bored, and goes above and beyond for us. Thanks so much, Ms. Racquel. You’re the best.”
- Devereux Florida individual


Team members at Devereux centers across the country recently celebrated Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Recognition Week - Sept. 13-19 - by thanking their colleagues with personalized cards, tasty food and appreciation gifts. 

Here are just a few of the activities we held to honor our DSPs …  

  • At Devereux Florida, Executive Directors Lisa Kroger and Michelle Llorens wrote notes of thanks to their DSPs for making a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of those they serve every day.

    “Devereux Florida team, sending a ‘high-five’ to each and every one of you. My thanks to you all for creating the amazing team we have here to collectively make a difference every day. You are servant leaders.”
    - Lisa Kroger, Devereux Florida executive director

    “Sincere thanks to all of our direct support professionals who consistently demonstrate their commitment to those in our care, and have continued to rise to the unique challenges presented through a global pandemic. You are true Healthcare Heroes.”
    - Michelle Llorens, Devereux Florida executive director

  • Devereux Georgia. During the week-long celebration, team members recognized DSPs “for making all the difference every day” with cards and posters signed by students; colorful balloons; food; and other gifts, including Devereux-branded ponchos.  
  • Program managers and directors at Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island held different activities each day to recognize their DSPs, including gift card drawings and raffles for Devereux-branded items. DSPs also were treated to doughnuts, pizza, ice cream, and goodie bags filled with pens, candy and thank you cards.

Look below to view photos of Devereux’s DSP Recognition Week festivities. Learn how we celebrate our 3,700 DSPs during this annual appreciation week and all year long.


Devereux Arizona Clinical Program Manager Michelle Marvin, LPC, received a phone call from a family member and caregiver, thanking staff at the center’s residential treatment center in Scottsdale for helping the youth in his care manage his emotions and behaviors more effectively.

The family member updated Marvin on the child’s progress since leaving Devereux, saying, “He is a totally different kid!”

During the phone call, Marvin also spoke to the youth, who told her, “Ms. Michelle, I miss Devereux.” He then went on to say how “awesome” he is doing.

Marvin wrote a note to colleagues, praising their efforts.

“Shoutout to all of YOU who taught this boy how to release his energy in a healthy way; helped him cut his food at mealtime; taught him his ABC’s and how to spell his name. We did some good work with this kid!”
- Michelle Marvin, LPC, Devereux Arizona Clinical Program Manager


A Devereux family member recently wrote a letter to our team members in Texas, expressing her gratitude for their dedication and commitment as they continue to care for her loved one during COVID-19.

“I am so appreciative for your dedication in caring for our friends, particularly in this time of isolation and stress. Please give my very loved special friend, Bekah, a hug for me.”
- Terri, Devereux Texas family member


Devereux Georgia staff are rallying behind a former colleague who is battling cancer.

Team members recently created a care package for former Health Information Management Coordinator Jane Meizlish, who retired in May after 27 years of dedicated service to the organization.

Staff collected various items, including a blanket, pillow, gift cards, flowers and snacks, and delivered them to Meizlish, who wrote a note to her former co-workers, expressing her gratitude and appreciation for the thoughtful gifts.

“I was up until 3 a.m. reading cards and messages on the blanket. Everyone was so sweet. Very humble that people thought so much of me. Please tell everyone ‘thank you’ from the bottom of my heart.”
- Jane Meizlish, former Devereux Georgia health information management coordinator


Devereux Arizona’s Advisory Board recently sponsored a food truck to thank front-line staff at the organization’s Residential Treatment Center in Scottsdale for their dedication and commitment to the youth and families they serve.

Employees were welcomed with a banner that said, “Thank You for All You Do!” and spent some time relaxing and socializing while enjoying treats from the Culinary Skol food truck, such as deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hamburgers and salads.

“We want to thank our wonderful Advisory Board members for their support, and our talented and hard-working team members who continue to provide outstanding care and service, day in and day out, in both our Phoenix and Tucson communities,” said Devereux Arizona Executive Director Yvette Jackson, LMSW, DBH. “The food truck brought smiles to the faces of our staff, and showed them how much we value and appreciate all they are doing.”

Look below to view photos of the food truck.


Recently, a girl who receives services through Devereux Florida‘s Viera campus expressed her gratitude to team members for continuing to provide the best possible care and support during COVID-19.

“I want to take time and give a good shoutout to Ramos and Shatoya for this weekend and this past week. I’ve noticed they have been working extremely hard. They’ve been patient working under pressure for us. Also, I would like to give an extra shoutout to Ms. Dolly for working extra long hours with us and giving us an awesome weekend with what she had, and Ms. Jessica for the way she is always working hard to keep us busy and make sure we are doing OK.”
- Devereux Florida individual


Devereux Texas Advisory Board members recently wrote a letter to staff at our League City and Victoria campuses, thanking them for their unwavering dedication to the individuals in their care during the pandemic.

“On behalf of the Devereux Texas Advisory Board, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Your dedication to the clients and to the Devereux mission in this trying time is inspiring to us all. We are well aware of the difficulties you are facing and your commitment to overcoming them. We applaud your efforts and stand ready to help wherever we can, from making masks to fundraising to networking on your behalf. Your work now is so reminiscent of the Hurricane Harvey event. You never cease to amaze with your endless energy. The Devereux clients are very lucky to have you on their side!! Again, thank you, and know we are with you in mind and spirit - if not in person.”
- Bob Reeves, chairman, and Devereux Texas Advisory Board members


A parent sent a note of thanks recently to Devereux Arizona team members, updating them on her son’s progress since leaving Devereux.

“My son is doing really well. He's been busy swimming and playing with his puppy. His new bike that he's been wanting for a year will arrive tomorrow. He has been an absolute pleasure, and has his sense of humor back. Hopefully, he'll start online classes tomorrow as he is excited to get back into a routine.”
- Bonnie, Devereux Arizona parent


Nothing Bundt Cakes donated a batch of Bundt cakes recently to Devereux Georgia youth to help make their day a little sweeter.

Employees at the Kennesaw, Ga., bakery whipped up eight, 10-inch Bundt cakes for youth to savor and enjoy.

“We cannot thank our friends at Nothing Bundt Cakes enough for their generous - and delicious - donation, and continued support of the individuals in our care,” said Devereux Georgia Director of Business Development Danielle Brock. “The bakery wanted to do something to bring smiles to the faces of our youth during COVID-19 - and what better way than with some sweet and scrumptious cake!”

Nothing Bundt Cakes Corporate and Community Outreach Manager Lindsey Hall also noted the bakery is a longtime supporter of Devereux Georgia. “Franchise owner, Kristi Janman, and I are involved in North Cobb Civitan Club, whose mission is focused on helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We first learned about Devereux through Civitan and fell in love with the work they do,” Hall explained. “Since then, we toured Devereux Georgia’s campus; provided Bundt cakes for the center’s annual ‘Hope Event;’ invited students to tour our bakery; and even attended a student’s graduation ceremony. We knew youth weren’t able to go on field trips due to the pandemic, and we wanted to spread joy by providing these cakes. It’s a blessing to have such a wonderful organization in our community, and we are always seeking ways to sweeten the lives of Devereux Georgia staff and the youth they serve!”


Devereux Arizona staff showed their support for LGBTQ colleagues, as well as the individuals and families they serve, during a recent Zoom videoconferencing meeting.

Members of the center’s outpatient services behavioral coaching team in Tucson demonstrated their #DevereuxPride by drawing rainbows and writing down words of encouragement and support, such as “Keep being you;” “Proud ally;” “and “Be yourself, shine bright,” and then sharing them with coworkers.

“We are truly proud to be allies to the LGBTQ community - today and every day - and we believe it’s important to share that Pride with others,” said Devereux Arizona Regional Director of Operations Sunshine Turner, M.Ed. “Throughout the month of June, our center held various events and activities to celebrate Pride Month. This Zoom meeting provided a fun and unique way for our behavioral coaching team, which has been working remotely throughout COVID-19, to promote inclusion and acceptance of all individuals and share what LGBTQ Pride means to them.”

Look below to view a photo of Devereux Arizona’s behavioral coaching team demonstrating its #DevereuxPride.


Devereux New Jersey Executive Director Brian Hancock recently wrote a note of thanks to team members for going above and beyond to support the individuals in their care, as well as their colleagues, during COVID-19.

“If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that we have the most incredible team at Devereux New Jersey. I frequently express my pride in our staff, even when we are operating under perfect conditions. But now, more than ever before, I am truly humbled by the work you do. As the current global health crisis continues to unfold, I see you tackle each new challenge with the grace, dedication and clinical excellence that have become the cornerstones of our services. Thank you for everything you continue to do as we navigate this time together. Keep up the great work.”
- Brian Hancock, Devereux New Jersey executive director


Devereux Arizona’s leadership team sent care packages recently to the center’s approximately 400 employees to show them how much they are valued and appreciated.

Team members who are working remotely received their care packages in the mail, while the center’s front-line staff received theirs before the start of their shifts.

The care packages included items such as:

  • Cloth face masks 
  • Devereux-branded folders and USB charging cables 
  • #DevereuxStrong magnets and bracelets 
  •  Flyers with the leadership team’s favorite inspirational quotes 
  • COVID-19 survival kits (Note: See image below for a description of the items in these kits.)

“We wanted to show all of our team members -  whether they are working remotely or on campus how grateful we are for their dedication and commitment, and for everything they do on a daily basis to support the individuals in our care,” said Devereux Arizona Executive Director Yvette Jackson, LMSW, DBH. “Over the past few months, our staff have stepped up to this challenge in a remarkable and inspiring way, demonstrating time and time again how we are #DevereuxStrong.”

Devereux Arizona employees were thrilled to receive the care packages. Here’s what just a few of them had to say:

“What a wonderful surprise to go to my mailbox and find a care package from Devereux. Having a leadership team like you all proves once again, what a wonderful organization Devereux has been, is and will continue to be.”
- Shannon Rasmussen, Devereux Arizona records management and compliance coordinator

“The Servant Leadership that is displayed from the top down really has a huge impact. The heart of our leaders is what will make me push harder and harder for this company every day. There is nothing that we cannot do together!”
- Shauna Sexton, Devereux Arizona survivor advocate

Look below to view photos of the care packages, along with a description of the COVID-19 survival kits.


A former Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island student showed her support for the individuals in our care by donating recreational supplies, including toys, games and arts and crafts to help our youth learn new skills and have fun, while spending more time indoors.

The student, Emma Osborne, also made soaps and sugar scrubs for the center’s staff, and wrote personalized thank you notes to show them how much she appreciated their care and service.

“We are extremely grateful to this young girl for her thoughtful and generous donation, which will bring smiles to the faces of our individuals, as well as our team members,” said Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island Executive Director Kerry Ann Goldsmith. “This serves as a wonderful reminder of how our work can have a positive impact on our youth and adults - even after they leave Devereux.”

How to participate in Devereux’s Recreational Supply Campaign: As we continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines, we need your help to provide the individuals in our care with additional toys, games, arts and crafts supplies, and educational activities. Please consider participating in our Recreational Supplies Campaign by visiting the website of the Devereux center you would like to support. Once you are on that center’s home page, select the “Support Devereux’s Recreational Supplies Campaign” banner at the top of the page to learn how you can help.

Thank you helping to keep us all #DevereuxStrong!


Recently, a parent sent a letter of gratitude to team members at Devereux Pennsylvania’s Center for Autism Research and Education Services (CARES) for serving and supporting her son for the past 14 years.

“I can't say it enough - you all form the MOST amazing team, and we are incredibly thankful for all of the ways you have loved my son these past 14 years. He is a fundamentally different person because of you. Some of you remember the painful shell he lived under when he first came to Devereux CARES at age 5. It was such a fight to get him to engage or interact in even the smallest way!

Now look at him - we call him the "mayor" of our block. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him!

THANK YOU. I hope you take deep joy and satisfaction, knowing each one of you has played a real role in who he has become today.”
- Sharon, Devereux Pennsylvania parent


Devereux Arizona is showing its #DevereuxPride.

On June 1, team members raised a rainbow flag on campus to celebrate the start of Pride Month and show their support for LGBTQ colleagues, as well as the individuals and families they serve.

This was one of several Pride events scheduled throughout the month. Youth enrolled in a culinary class baked brownies and Pride-themed cupcakes for their peers and Devereux Arizona staff. The tasty and colorful treats were part of a display in the cafeteria that also included LGBTQ educational materials on the history of LGBTQ Pride from 1970 - when the first Pride march took place - to today.

Devereux Arizona Outpatient Services Clinical Program Manager Evette Richardson, LMSW, BHP, said youth also are sharing what LGBTQ Pride means to them. “During individual, group and recreational therapy sessions, we have been talking about the riots that started the Pride movement, as well as the current civil unrest in our country following the deaths of George Floyd, and others in the Black Community. This has given youth a safe space to talk about their identities and how they feel about the current civil unrest, while allowing them to reflect on the riots at the Stonewall Inn in New York City in 1969. Those riots marked the turning point of the LGBTQ movement in the U.S., and led to the June Pride celebrations we have today.”

Look below to view photos from Pride events at Devereux Arizona.


Congratulations to the class of 2020!

On May 22 and 27, Devereux Florida held virtual graduation ceremonies to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of its students. Team members, along with family members and friends, participated in these special events. Devereux School Principal Pam Kenney led the ceremonies, offering praise and words of encouragement to the students. (Note: Kenney is pictured in the top photo to the right, with Education Coordinator Danielle Clark pictured in the bottom photo.)

During the celebrations, graduates thanked their families and Devereux team members who made a significant and positive impact on their lives. One student said, “I never thought I would be on this graduation stage never thought I would make it past fifth grade, really. But at this point, I have made a big change in my life, and I’m going to keep pushing to do better and better every day.”

Devereux Florida Director of External Affairs Lindsey Phillips noted, “We are incredibly proud of all of our graduates in Devereux programs statewide. This graduation year is unlike any other. While our students may not be able to walk across a stage to get their high school diplomas due to social distancing guidelines, we are celebrating their hard work and accomplishments in new and unique ways. This milestone exemplifies not only our students’ academic achievement, but their remarkable resiliency and ability to overcome adversity.”


A parent recently sent a note of thanks to Devereux Arizona team members for providing her children with the best possible care and support during this challenging time.

“I really appreciate Behavior Coach Shannon Maclean, she is always going above and beyond. I appreciate her connection with my kids. This is a very challenging time, and she makes tons of recommendations. I’m so thankful for her. My kids miss her when she’s gone, but love when people like Monica, Kylie and Safari fill in.

Everyone my kids work with at Devereux is so compassionate. We have been supported during the most difficult time (COVID-19). Staff members check in all the time, making sure we feel supported. I’m so appreciative of that. I give Devereux an A++ because I wouldn’t have known what to do during COVID-19. I appreciate all you have done. I love everyone in the respite homes. The staff has no idea how much I appreciate them. When my kids are there, I know they are safe and taken care of.

Crisis Clinician Tamara Klein is amazing. She just gets the kids. She had a connection with me right away. It was like she knew me, and was ready to work with the kids. She was willing to learn and help them. I appreciate Devereux paying attention to all of the little things. My kids are doing so well. It’s amazing. My son is building his self-esteem and relationships. He is really working effectively. I’m so happy there is an agency that meets us where we are as a family. I can’t thank you enough.”
Anna, Devereux Arizona parent


Amelia Earhart once said, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees."

Students at Devereux Texas’ Victoria campus are spreading kindness by spelling out “Muchas Gracias” (Thanks a lot) in rainbow-colored letters, and posting them on the center’s cafeteria windows for all essential employees to see.

Devereux Texas Teacher Lina Kruger organized the art project to teach students about the power of kindness and compassion.

“Our students are aware of how the pandemic has impacted all of us -  they see team members wearing face masks and frequently cleaning and sanitizing surfaces,” Kruger said. “I explained how Devereux New York brightened up its campus with rainbow-colored decorations to show support for its front-line staff, and we could do the same! We decided to post ‘Muchas Gracias’ on the center’s cafeteria windows to show gratitude and appreciation for our multicultural staff - and to bring smiles to the faces of everyone who passes by. This was a fun and empowering project for our students. They learned they can make a positive difference in people’s lives just by spreading a little kindness.”

Look below to view photos of the rainbow display.


Our employees are a big deal!

Devereux Pennsylvania - Adult Services is recognizing its hard-working and dedicated front-line staff by holding weekly giveaways throughout the month of May. Every Wednesday and Friday, three essential workers are randomly selected to receive an “Essential Employee” mug; a tote bag that says “I’m an essential worker so, basically I’m kind of a big deal;” or a badge holder that says “We are all in this together … 6 feet apart.”

“Our front-line staff are definitely a big deal,” said Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services Executive Director Christopher Betts, M.A. “Our employees work incredibly hard every day, and we are extremely proud of their efforts. This recognition program is a way to show our team members how much we appreciate all they are doing to support the adults we are privileged to serve.”

Look below to view photos of recent winners.


Shoutout to our healthcare superheroes!

Devereux Georgia recently celebrated “Superhero Day” to honor and thank its frontline staff for going above and beyond to support the individuals in our care.

Team members wore superhero-themed T-shirts, facemasks and other attire, and enjoyed a lunch featuring Chick-fil-A sandwiches, as well as Powerade sports drinks generously donated by Coca-Cola. “Our employees demonstrate incredible courage, strength and resilience on a daily basis - and they are all superheroes,” said Devereux Vice President of Operations Gwen Skinner. “This event provided our staff with an opportunity to relax and reflect on their hard work and accomplishments, while enjoying the company of colleagues.”

Look below to view photos from the event.


Youth at Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) center showed their appreciation for the center’s front-line staff by creating a beautiful rainbow mural with messages of hope and resilience.

Children wrote inspiring words and phrases on heart-shaped cards, such as “We’ll get through this;” “We are family;” and “Be strong.”

“Individuals in our residential program spent two weeks working on this heartfelt project,” said Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS Program Administrator Edward Vincent. “Our youth wanted to show the dedicated team members who serve and support them every single day just how much they are valued, and that together we are #DevereuxStrong.” Look below to view photos of the rainbow mural.


Devereux Connecticut - The Glenholme School is honoring its essential employees through weekly “Thanks for Being Awesome” celebrations.

The celebrations are held on campus every Friday at 6:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to ensure front-line staff on all shifts are recognized.

During the inaugural celebration on May 1, team members - wearing face masks and practicing social distancing - served coffee and donuts to their colleagues in the morning, and held a food fest featuring a variety of tasty treats in the afternoon.

“We wanted to show our front-line staff - who are absolutely awesome how much we value and appreciate their hard work and dedication during this challenging time,” said Glenholme School People Operations Manager Jackie Ross. “Each week, we do something different to honor, and engage with, our team members. We’ve served meals and distributed homemade goodie bags filled with candy, pretzels and a T-shirt. Our employees love connecting with colleagues they haven’t seen in a while, and we plan to keep the celebrations going all year long.”



A foster parent wrote a letter of gratitude recently to Devereux Arizona team members who delivered face masks and coffee filters to foster homes throughout Maricopa County.

"I want to sincerely thank you for the masks. We just received them today. They are perfect, and we got the coffee filters as well. Again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as my family’s safety is the most important thing to me in the world. You have helped me keep that intact, and I thank you for that."
Devereux Arizona foster parent


The Worcester Railers Hockey Club, a minor league affiliate of the New York Islanders, delivered pizzas recently to Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island front-line staff as part of the hockey club’s “Food for Frontliners” program.

Railers Club President Michael Myers and Community Relations Director Paul Harris personally delivered the pizzas to team members at our campus in Rutland, and four group homes in Rutland and Paxton, Mass.

The club launched its Food for Frontliners program in late April as a way to help local community organizations in need, and provide meals for staff working on the front lines during the pandemic. The club plans to donate more than $10,000 worth of food to organizations throughout central Massachusetts.

“Devereux has had a close relationship with the Railers since they came to Worcester, and we are incredibly grateful for their continued support and generosity,” said Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island Executive Director Kerry Ann Goldsmith. “This was a wonderful gesture that made our front-line staff feel very special, and it helps keep us all #DevereuxStrong.”

Railers Club President Michael Myers noted, “We were excited to make this happen as a show of appreciation for the essential work Devereux does every day in providing treatment and education to young people in need.”



Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) center recently served breakfast and lunch to essential staff at our Malvern and Glenmoore campuses to thank them for their efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The center’s leadership team recognized these servant leaders for their dedication and commitment to providing the highest levels of treatment, compassion and support to the youth in our care - particularly during this challenging time.

Team members were welcomed with cheers and “thank you” signs as they entered the campus and event. “We wanted to show our outstanding front-line staff how much we value and appreciate all they are doing to keep the individuals we serve safe and healthy,” said Devereux Pennsylvania CBHS Executive Director Patricia Hillis-Clark, Psy.D. “Words cannot express the deep gratitude we have for these team members - this was just our small way of giving back to those who are giving their all on a daily basis.”

Look below to view photos from the event.


Devereux Georgia is honoring its dedicated front-line staff through daily “shoutouts” on loud speakers and telephone intercoms across campus.

Each day, department leaders share messages of gratitude, hope and resilience at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The goal is to help our healthcare heroes feel appreciated and supported as they continue to keep the individuals entrusted to our care safe and healthy.

Click on the link below to listen to a shoutout from Devereux Georgia Program Director Shaun Walton.


More than 100 years ago, our beloved founder, Helena T. Devereux, led the organization through the Spanish flu (with far fewer resources than we have at our disposal today).

As we work together to stop the spread of the current pandemic, we are receiving an outpouring of support from so many community supporters, including one very special person, Miss Devereux’s niece, Emily Brown. Emily recently donated her time and talents to make cloth faces masks for front-line staff at our Devereux Pocono center. Look below to read a letter of gratitude Executive Director Tina Skoda shared with team members.

“We are deeply honored that Miss Devereux’s niece, Emily Brown, put her talents to work to make face masks for our center. We were equally as honored to have had the privilege of caring for Emily’s sister, who was an adored Devereux resident for many years until her passing in 2019. Emily and her family have been great supporters of Devereux throughout the years, and were a great source of love and guidance to Emily’s sister.

Miss Devereux would be very proud of Emily, as well as all Devereux staff and family members who continue to lift each other up each and every day so that we can emerge stronger than ever before.

We wish to offer our sincere thanks to Emily, and to all of our generous sewers, for these much-needed masks. We are incredibly grateful to them for keeping us safe and healthy, so we can continue to keep their loved ones safe and healthy.”

- Tina Skoda, Devereux Pocono executive director


Recently, a parent sent a note of thanks to Devereux California Director of Behavioral Services Noelle Escovedo and team members at the center’s Foothill house, expressing his gratitude for their unwavering dedication and support as they continue to care for his son.

“My son recently completed his first year in Foothill house. Who would have ever imagined you and the Foothill staff would have endured a fire/evacuation AND a global pandemic in that timeframe?! You, Devereux leadership, and the amazing staff at Foothill have simply blown me away. The manner in which staff and the team has managed and (more importantly) loved and cared for this kid is amazing to me in itself. When you layer upon that all these emergencies, words cannot express how impressed I am with each and every one of you.

The quote I often go to in my life is the following: ‘Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.’ The character of all of you has been clearly revealed, and then some! You have done your jobs; no complaints; no excuses; you have over communicated (which is rule No. 1 in a time of crisis); you have been complete (and compassionate) pros.

Thank you all, for all you do, and the types of people you have shown yourselves to be. My family and I are so lucky and appreciative of you all.”
Marc, Devereux California parent


Devereux Connecticut - The Glenholme School Executive Director Noah Noyes, M.Ed., recently wrote a letter thanking team members for their dedication and service during COVID-19.

“The efforts of the Glenholme team through this pandemic have been the embodiment of Servant Leadership. You have made sacrifices; demonstrated flexibility; been committed to overcoming obstacles; and put service above self for our students and families. Words or an email cannot begin to thank you for your service and intense focus on fulfilling our mission during challenging times. You have remained positive and vibrant, even in the face of great adversity. Customer service and quality have been displayed in spades, and delivered in an individualized manner for students, families and colleagues.

Through trials, tribulations and adversity come great strength, wisdom and unity. I have never been more proud of our team, humbled to serve alongside you all, or privileged to be your executive director. Keep up the tremendous work you are an inspiration, and making an essential difference every day.”
- Noah Noyes, Devereux CT - The Glenholme School executive director


Devereux New York team members - with help from the Red Hook Police Department - held a parade to show their support for the center’s front-line staff, and the youth and adults entrusted to our care, amid the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Led by a police car with flashing lights, a caravan of about 20 cars, driven by employees, winded its way around campus and past our community group homes.

Devereux New York Executive Director John Lopez said the goal was to show, “We will all get through this - together. And we are Devereux Strong.”


Devereux Arizona’s outpatient services team recently wrote down positive words and phrases that have helped them cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, and shared them with colleagues during a Zoom video conferencing meeting.

Team members’ personal mantras, and messages of hope, included, “This too shall pass;” Can’t pour from an empty cup;” and “Just keep swimming.” Look below to read the team’s inspiring and hopeful words and phrases.


Students at Devereux Connecticut – The Glenholme School showed their gratitude and appreciation to local hospital staff on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic by preparing meals and creating greeting cards. Look below to read a letter of thanks from the Glenholme community to New Milford Hospital staff.

“We are writing to express our deepest gratitude for your work in keeping our community healthy through this difficult time. Your tireless efforts, long hours, and compassionate care are not only admirable, but an exceptional representation of the dedication necessary to overcome adversity.

As a thank you for your incredible undertaking, our students have cooked meals and designed cards for you all to enjoy. They were eager to demonstrate their appreciativeness for all that you accomplish each day in keeping our community healthy.

We hope that you will enjoy the food and messages of recognition. The Glenholme School is both thankful and proud to have you all as a part of our great community!”

– Devereux CT  The Glenholme School


Devereux Texas is showing its support for our front-line staff and local first responders amid the COVID-19 pandemic in a big and colorful way.

Team members at our Victoria and League City campuses placed signs saying, “We love our staff;” “Devereux loves our first responders;” and “Devereux heroes work here” at the entrances to the two campuses for all to see.

In addition, Devereux Texas staff is joining in with Devereux New York to participate in the national “Rainbow Initiative” by decorating trees with rainbow-colored ribbons to bring smiles to the faces of those we serve. Rainbows will be popping up in more places at our Victoria and League City campuses in the days and weeks ahead to spread joy and hope during this challenging time.

Look below to view Devereux Texas’ signs and rainbow creations.


A Devereux California team member recently wrote a letter to her colleagues, praising them for their compassion, collaboration and dedication. In addition, she noted how the center successfully launched Devereux Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports three months ahead of schedule to help the individuals we serve stay safe and healthy.

“Often in times of crisis, it can be so easy to only focus on what insurmountable challenges lie ahead. Here at Devereux California, we decided to have our own narrative, and go above and beyond to focus on our core values and mission statement by continuing to change lives by unlocking and nurturing human potential.

To show our resilience, Devereux California launched its Devereux Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (D-PBIS) initiative three months earlier than planned. Members of our team rallied together to kick off D-PBIS in the hope we could provide time to focus on the good things that occur every day, and help teach skills that focus on safety, responsibility and respect.

A week after implementation, we (individuals and staff) celebrated with an ice cream social (keeping social distancing in mind). So many good things happened in just five days! Our individuals worked on being safe by washing and sanitizing their hands. They had shown responsibility by helping with their routines and continue to focus on exercise and group activities. They had also shown respectfulness by informing staff when others needed help, and by using their words when they were frustrated.

By starting D-PBIS earlier than planned, we have provided an outlet for folks to nurture their potential with a positive outlook on the current crisis.”
Clare Penny, Devereux California Clinical Coordinator


“I am so grateful for the staff of Devereux Texas, not only for their bravery and dedication to the students during this pandemic, but also for the help given to my son while he was a client there. Even then, the staff of Devereux showed their strength, endurance and dedication to their students. My son was a client at League City during Hurricane Harvey.

Even then, I knew that Devereux staff were giving their all to the clients while their own homes were at risk. But the strength and stability they showed the kids during that traumatic time paid off my son came out stronger and whenever things seem hard we remind him, "You survived a hurricane, you can get through this!"

So, to all the nurses, teachers, therapists, doctors and employees of Devereux, I want to remind you, "You will survive COVID-19, you will come out stronger, and more importantly, the young lives and minds entrusted to your care will learn how to get through anything life throws at them because of you!"

Thank you for all that you do. Stay healthy and safe and strong!”

Joi, Devereux Texas parent


“We wanted to thank you and your team (at Devereux Arizona) for your work and efforts toward helping our daughter toward healing. We are looking forward to her homecoming and are optimistic going forward. We realize there will be challenges and trials in our future, but we’re very hopeful that what she has learned at Devereux will be a positive factor and will benefit greatly.”
Rick and Judy, Devereux Arizona parents


Devereux New York’s “Rainbow Initiative” is in full effect.

Individuals and staff are spreading good cheer on campus, and in our community homes, by painting rainbows and messages of hope, and posting them on windows. The goal is to show our colleagues and community supporters, “We are all in this together.”

Look below to view Devereux New York’s rainbow creations.


We’ve spoken with my son, often by phone, and have been pleased with how he seems to be managing with the excellent care and support from the Devereux staff. We’re very grateful to Ryan (staff member) for loaning my son his iPad to have occasional chats by Zoom. That has made an amazing difference!

(About a recent family meeting) “It was wonderful that we were all able to meet when we did. It gave me confidence to know how prepared Devereux was for what came so soon after. This time is certainly a stark reminder of what’s most important in life. Here’s to a thoughtful end of this crisis. May you all stay safe and well.”
Amy, Devereux California parent


Recently, a Devereux parent sent a note of thanks about an email her son received from Devereux Massachusetts/Rhode Island nurse Sara.

“Thank you for doing your best to lead during these crazy times. I think it’s really important to focus on positive things during anxiety-provoking times. Sara is that positive thing for us. She is always thorough, and so kind, but this email was above and beyond. She did not need to converse with my son about if he has chatted with us, nor did she have to delve into knowing how much we must miss him. Those little conversations, about these things, are GOLD. This whole thing has been very hard for us as a family. Knowing that my son is at a place where people care so much for his whole health makes a huge difference. I just want all of Sara's supervisors to know what a blessing she is, and what an incredible nurse and person she is. I’d also like to say how much I appreciate Chrystal’s (a case manager) availability and responsiveness to our concerns. She was thorough in her approach to answering our questions, and that's very reassuring for us.”
 Katie, Devereux Massachusetts/Rhode Island parent


“I would like to take the time to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Devereux New York Direct Support Professional Kristen. For the past four years, I have seen Kristen exhibit nothing but extreme care and compassion for the individuals in her care. In times of difficulty, Kristen helps provide a stable and caring environment. Whether she is providing comfort in moments of emotional distress, running my appointments or taking an interest in my education, Kristen exemplifies what a direct support professional should aspire to be.”
 Samantha, Devereux New York individual


Devereux New York is spreading positive spring vibes. Recently, our team members - and individuals enrolled in our residential program - painted flowers and other sunny images (later posted on our windows) to generate smiles and good cheer across campus.

In a note to Devereux New York staff member Michelle (who led the painting exercise), fellow colleague, Krista, wrote: “Thank you for being a source of happiness and stability for the individuals we serve - and bringing smiles to the faces of staff. You truly are a gift to the organization and we are lucky to have you. Thank you for coming to work each and every day and giving 100 percent. Stay healthy and keep being amazing!


"I am very impressed and appreciative of the dedication and good care that is being provided for my son by the staff at Devereux Pennsylvania – Adult Services. I know they really care about the guys, and are working very hard to keep them safe and engaged. They are truly fantastic.”
Marie, Devereux PennsylvaniaAdult Services parent


“Just got off the phone with (name here)’s mom and she was so grateful we are providing video therapy. She said (another nonprofit) told her they don't know when they will be able to see her other daughter for therapy, and she felt like they dropped the ball. Our client (name here) also really appreciated it. She was sad thinking she wouldn't be able to see me in person and got so excited knowing she could still see me on video, and maybe even get to meet my dog over the camera. Mom was beyond appreciative and just kept saying ‘Wow!’ So please know all of your hard work to make sure our families are being supported through this is such a HUGE deal. Sending all the virtual hugs your way as you work through all of this!”
Alison, Devereux Arizona team member


“I reached out to a group of staff at Devereux who were instrumental in helping my son through an emergency during this crisis. I wanted to know if they accepted deliveries, as (spouse) and I wanted to send a gift package to show our gratitude. The staff caught on as to what we were trying to do and simply said, ‘This is what we do for our children and adults at Devereux. We are here for (individual name here) and we will not accept any gifts, a thank you is all we need.’ Those words say it all.”
Lena, Devereux New York parent


“Thank you, and each and every staff member at Devereux! My heart aches that in this time of national, or should I say international, uncertainty and insecurity, the most important person in my life is away from me. In my heart and gut I believe my son is safer there with you than he would be here with me. How in the world did it happen that someone else could protect my child better than I could? I don’t even know how to fully process that, to be honest.​ I am so grateful to you and everyone there for your commitment to our children, and to doing everything you are able to keep them safe. Thank you for your stellar and regular communications and updates. What little sleep I’m getting really is because I know that, at this moment in this crisis, my son is safe, and that I can trust if that changes, I will be notified immediately. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to you and your team.”​
— Devereux CT – The Glenholme School parent


"I am a teacher at Devereux. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the way Devereux is handling this difficult time. Management could be draconian, using threats and warnings about losing our jobs if we don’t come to work, but instead, you are supporting us and offering incentives for doing things as simple as just coming to work. The way you are respecting your employees is doing a lot to reduce the stress we are all feeling. Thanks again and we appreciate you too."
Mike, Devereux Massachusetts team member


“We want to express our heartfelt appreciation for each of you during this unprecedented time. Thank you for lovingly, skillfully providing for our children/relatives, and the most vulnerable, with your unsurpassable care, quality, and expertise. This pandemic has triggered a lot of fear and anxiety for me with our children’s health conditions/concerns. (Individual #1 name here) was scheduled for ENT/GI procedures, which have been cancelled. And (individual #2 name here) being immunocompromised in the midst of COVID-19 is terrifying. UCLA was already in the process of coordinating her immune globulin infusions before the pandemic, but everything is delayed. All that to say, we are very sensitive to, and supportive of, your cautious, conservative position in minimizing exposure and promoting health for your clients, residents, staff and community. 

You have miraculously adapted and optimally protected everyone at Devereux. We have told our family, friends, and colleagues what a model of excellence y’all are. You have been on top of all the details and managing the situation like the best hospitals. Your tireless efforts, countless hours, reassuring family conversations, endless task force meetings, continuous corporate and community agency discussions, are obvious and fruitful.

Along with our fellow parents and families, we have the utmost confidence and overflowing gratitude in your executive team, leadership and staff at Devereux. We forever celebrate that God connected us to (individual #2 name here) at Devereux almost a year ago. And each of you played an instrumental role in making this MIRACLE happen! (Individual #1 name here) is now thriving in his new home, achieving his full potential and experiencing breakthrough beyond what we could have ever imagined. Be assured of our ongoing prayers for Health, Peace, Provision, and Protection upon you, your loved ones, and entire Devereux Family.”
Channing, Devereux California parent


Judy said she thinks Devereux’s response to the current crisis, “should be the gold standard for how it’s handled. I know that I can be a tough customer, so if I’m this happy then you guys must really be doing it right!”
Judy, Devereux CT – The Glenholme School parent 



Watch inspirational and educational videos below from Devereux team members.


Servant Leadership shoutouts
Devereux Connecticut - The Glenholme School
is recognizing team members for going above and beyond to demonstrate Servant Leadership through their behaviors and actions.

Each month, The Glenholme School highlights a different program or department for putting Servant Leadership principles into practice. Recently, teachers honored their colleagues with special “shoutouts,” thanking them for always lending a helping hand, providing support and putting the needs of others first.

Look below to view a video celebrating Servant Leadership at The Glenholme School.


Inspiration: Make it a habit
Devereux Texas
Executive Director Pam Reed recently created a video, encouraging team members across the organization to make it a habit to motivate others to reach their fullest potential.

In this video, Reed shares examples of employees inspiring the youth and adults they serve, as well as their colleagues, by providing compassionate care; putting the needs of others before their own; demonstrating a can-do attitude; and striving to do the right thing every day. She says, “Inject positivity; tell an inspiring story; use your influence to inspire others; and help build a customer service culture at Devereux that blows people away.”


American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

Devereux Pennsylvania’s Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (CIDDS) Philadelphia foster parents are helping to change lives every day by opening their hearts and homes to children in need. Recently, just a few of these committed and compassionate individuals created videos, thanking team members for their ongoing support.

Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent Marva Murray thanks staff:

Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent Demetria Leary thanks staff:

Devereux Pennsylvania CIDDS foster parent Tanika Jamaladdin thanks staff:


The importance of being flexible
We can’t always change what’s happening around us, but we can change our perception and attitude toward what’s happening and, most importantly, how we use our energy to move forward. In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., offers the following tips to build emotional flexibility and resilience:

  • Laugh more: Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine. If you feel stressed, use laughter to relieve tension and increase your energy levels.
  • Ask for help: Don’t suffer in silence. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious, ask your child, spouse - or even a professional - for help.
  • Be open to new ideas: Don’t fight it - every new idea is an opportunity for growth. 

Poyner says, “Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned, or a better ‘you’ to be cultivated because you allowed yourself to be flexible.” 


Strengthening resilience through self-reflection
Self-reflection can help us process our thoughts and feelings, and strengthen our resilience. In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., suggests spending a few moments in self-reflection, and asking yourself the following questions:

  1. How am I feeling about (a topic)?
  2. Do I need to do anything differently?

Poyner says, “If you need to make some changes in your life, reflect upon them. If nothing changes, nothing is going to change.”


The importance of practicing empathy
Empathy is defined as the ability to recognize, understand and share the feelings of someone else.

In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., discusses the importance of putting yourself in another person’s shoes. Poyner suggests that, in your efforts to be empathetic, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is this person feeling?
  2. Have I ever felt this way?
  3. How would I want to be treated if I felt this way?

Poyner says, “Empathy doesn’t mean you have to agree with the person. You’re just trying to have a better understanding of how they are feeling.”


Make time for quiet
With many families working and learning from home, it may be challenging to find time for quiet in your day, let alone a quiet space to get things done.

In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., discusses the importance of pressing the pause button on life and making time - even if it’s just a few minutes - for quiet. Poyner explains that you can use that time for meditation or self-reflection. She says, “In those moments of quiet, just become closer to you. Make time to be still - and be you.”


Select a “family member of the week”
Strong, healthy relationships are key to building your resilience. In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., offers a strategy to strengthen relationships with family members while you may be physically apart. Poyner suggests selecting a “family member of the week,” and asking everyone else in your family to do something special for that person every day, such as send a letter in the mail or an electronic greeting card, or leave a small gift at his/her front door if you live nearby.

Poyner says, “If all goes well, keep going - keep choosing family members of the week. The selected family members may not know what’s going on, but hopefully, they will feel the love.”


Using music to practice self-control
Music has the power to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote feelings of well-being. In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., discusses the important role music plays in our lives, and shares how we can use music to regulate our emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

Poyner says, “There are so many ways we can use music to encourage ourselves, no matter where we are in this journey of life and how we’re feeling.”


The importance of morning rituals
The way you start your day can have a significant impact on how the rest of the day unfolds.

In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., explains the importance of morning rituals. Poyner suggests setting aside time each morning to do something that matters to you, such as writing in a journal; practicing mindfulness activities; or listening to music. She says by adding one or two rituals to your morning routine, you increase the chances that your day will be a good one.

The Devereux Center for Resilient Children wants to know how you are staying positive and resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage you to participate in this brief survey to share your personal strategies for staying resilient.


Thank you to Devereux Texas front-line staff
Devereux Texas
team members recently demonstrated their gratitude for the courage, strength and resilience of their front-line colleagues in heartwarming video, which features staff holding signs saying, “Socially distant, never apart;” “We are in this together;” and “Sending you a social-distanced hug.”

The video, set to the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” also shows the steps team members are taking to stay safe and healthy by: 1) practicing social distancing; 2) wearing face masks; 3) washing hands and using hand sanitizer; and 4) disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.

Look below to view the video honoring our Devereux Texas’ Healthcare Heroes.


Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary
Research shows resilience is “ordinary magic” - and can be learned.

In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., explains the importance of taking ordinary moments throughout the day, such as dinner time or a walk around the block, and making them extraordinary. Poyner says, “There are things you and I can start doing right now that may seem ordinary, but are rather extraordinary when you think about doing them with intention. Look for those ordinary moments and try to make them magical. I challenge you to see how many you can find each day.”


The importance of self-compassion
Self-compassion is key to building resilience.

In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., explains the importance of being kind and gentle with yourself, especially during these challenging times. Poyner says, “If your friend was having a tough moment, what would you say to him or her? I bet you would find a way to be kind, and that’s self-compassion: treating yourself like you would a good friend.”


Using humor to build resilience
Sometimes, humor is the best medicine. In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., explains how we can use humor to build and nurture our own resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Poyner says, “If you’re not ready to laugh, at least find something, or do something, that makes you smile. Keep going - we will get through this together.”


Thank you to our #HealthcareHeroes
Devereux Arizona team members expressed their deepest gratitude and appreciation for their front-line colleagues in a heartwarming and emotional video, which features letters of thanks and admiration, and photos of staff offering support.

Look below to read just a few of these inspirational messages from Devereux Arizona employees:

“Thank you for giving it your ALL every day! I am so proud and inspired by each of you.”
- Yvette Jackson, Devereux Arizona executive director 

“Your efforts and perseverance humble me. Every single day, you go out there and put our individuals some of the most vulnerable people in the state, first. You sacrifice so others can get the valuable care they need. To say you’re heroes is an understatement, a statement I will never stop believing in! From the bottom of my heart, I want to personally thank each and every one of you. I can’t wait to get back on campus, brief residential, kitchen, school or wherever you are, to tell you that in person!”
- Donovan Carman, Devereux Arizona director of finance

“Thank you for showing up every day during these extraordinary times; for caring for and supporting the individuals we serve as well as each other; and for performing your work with a continued commitment to service excellence! You are not only an inspiration, but are valued beyond all measure.”
- Mindy Green, Devereux Arizona learning program manager

Look below to view the video honoring our healthcare heroes.


We are #DevereuxStrong
Devereux Arizona’s clinical team is demonstrating resilience amid this pandemic in a healthy and inspiring way through dance. Wearing handmade face masks, the team recently performed a dance routine to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” and even included clinical interns who are working remotely through Zoom videoconferencing. 

Look below to watch a video of Devereux Arizona’s fun and uplifting team building dance.


Managing time more effectively
With many employees across the U.S. working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic some for the first time - they may be facing a new set of challenges, including how to manage their time most effectively.

In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., explains the Pomodoro Technique, a time management tool that uses a timer to break down work into intervals.


Doing something kind for someone else
As we take care of ourselves and our family during the COVID-19 public health crisis, we also should make an effort to do something kind for someone else. In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., discusses the importance of practicing altruism.


Nurturing social connections
While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is encouraging all of us to practice social distancing, that does not mean we should compromise our social connections. Watch this video featuring Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., as she explains the importance of keeping in regular contact with friends and family during this crisis.


The importance of rules
In times of crisis, rules can help keep us safe. In this video, Devereux Center for Resilient Children Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., helps her 5-year-old daughter understand why her school was closed and her activities were canceled because of COVID-19.