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Georgia Newsletters

eNewsletter - November 2018

Devereux Georgia Grant Awards

Art4Moore (The Tides Foundation) - Devereux Georgia is happy to announce we have been awarded $2,200.00 to support our Art Enrichment Program. The purpose of the program is to provide an age-appropriate, meaningful, creative outlet for youth at Devereux to enhance and foster self-growth and overall well-being. Each year, our Art Enrichment program serves approximately 332 clients. Funding from this grant will cover the cost of supplies for the next 12 months. Art4moore has been a long-time supporter of our Art Enrichment Program, and we are thrilled to have their continued support.


Devereux in the Community

Devereux and The Circle for Children - We are so very grateful to officially be a beneficiary of The Circle for Children! The Circle for Children is the oldest women’s charitable organization that benefits Georgia’s children. The Circle has over 300 members who volunteer and are dedicated to carrying out the Circle’s rich tradition of serving the at-risk youth in the state. We look forward to this partnership with such a long-standing and impactful group of women!

Harvest Festival “All Around the World”

Although it rained and the festival had to take place indoors, this year’s annual Harvest Festival was a blast! The theme “All Around the World” was a hit will all the clients. Devereux staff members teamed up to create festival stations that were fun, enagaging and themed around a coutry. Clients learned about Australia, Mexico, Bali, Puerto Rico, Japan, Guatemala, and France!

Ways to Support Devereux Georgia

Circle for Children Character 5K


Are you a runner, a walker, or just looking for some family fun? Join The Circle for Children for the Character 5k, November 17. Register on and don’t forget to dress as your favorite character. The best part is a portion of the proceeds will benefit Devereux Georgia!

King Roof Renovations supports Devereux!


Need a new roof? Want to benefit Devereux Georgia? Choose King Roof Renovations - We are happy to announce that 1% of all roof replacements will be donated to Devereux!

Amazon Wish List


If your family or office is looking to adopt a family this holiday season, consider adopting children who do not have family involved in their life or will not have the opportunity to see or receive gifts from family this holiday season. Our kids are always in need of your support! Contact to learn more, or purchase items on our wish list, which will be used for holiday gifts for our children this year.


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