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Foster Care & Adoption Programs

For children and teens without a safe, nurturing environment to turn to, the future can seem dark and uncertain.  Every day, youth of all ages are in need of loving families.  By opening your home, and your heart, you are giving those in need a chance at fulfilling their potential and enjoying a life of success.     

Devereux Florida is currently seeking potential foster parents to provide a stable and caring home for children in need, including survivors of sexual exploitation.  Specialized training and ongoing professional support is provided for foster families.  
If you have the ability and desire to provide a safe and nurturing home, we need your help.  

DELTA Foster Care

Specifically addresses the needs of survivors of sexual exploitation in a foster home setting.

Family Care

Provides children and young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities an opportunity to reside in a family environment or foster home setting. 

Specialized Therapeutic Foster Care

Serves children, ages 5 to 21 years old, with serious emotional disturbances and behavioral problems due to severe trauma. 

Traditional Foster Care

Provides safe home environment, health services and education opportunities for foster children from newborns to 21 year olds. 

Adoption & Post-Adoption

Hundreds of children and adolescents are waiting in foster care for a “forever family.”  We can connect you to an adoption specialist who can help match your family with a youth in need. There are many benefits to adopting through your local community based care organization, including Devereux Florida’s Post Adoption Support Program. 

   Provide a home for a youth in need, become a foster parent today! 

Email us at for more information. 
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Devereux proudly supports diversity and inclusion for all people. Our services are fully inclusive of all individuals regardless of race, color, religious beliefs, ancestry, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals.