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Stories of Hope

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate Devereux’s commitment to its Philosophy of Care are the stories of our individuals and their journeys – and the amazing staff that support their growth, happiness and personal fulfillment.  Through hard work, patience and passion, our individuals and staff work together to common goals, inspiring hope and empowering lives along the way.

Adult Services

Devereux has been a miracle.  After graduating at 21, our son lived at home and worked in a vocational program.  We were often overwhelmed by his behavior at home, and it affected our relationships and interactions with one another.  Six years ago, we found Devereux.  The staff has always worked to support and grow his skills and abilities.  He has developed and matured so much - he is working in the community at a major grocery store chain, banking, using a debit card and living as a considerate and responsible roommate.  Devereux has helped our son come into his own.  He has more friends now and is happy and proud of his accomplishments.   We cannot thank you enough.
- Linda and Norman Mosko

Devereux is the first place my family member has ever been happy.  She receives an excellent quality of life.  We are in communication with the staff and I cannot praise them enough for the effort they put into implementing plans and following up on each individual.
- Devereux Family Member

Our son has been at Devereux for over 40 years now. Over all of these years, Devereux’s staff has provided him with a full life, involving participation in a variety of activities, work and wonderful relationships. He has matured and grown into a loving, caring and giving man. Devereux has been his family away from home. Devereux is the absolute best in the world—the staff is professional and caring.
- Devereux Parent

Children’s Behavioral Health Services

I am so appreciative to the staff at Devereux Children’s Behavioral Health Center.  The staff provided my daughter Molly and our family specialized programming that we needed.  The staff was so kind and communicative.  We received regular face-to-face meetings and telephone contact.  Molly has been doing well since her discharge.
- Grateful Parent

Devereux has made a big impact in my life and has allowed me to make the changes necessary to be successful.  After four years of being in placements, I am about to be discharged home to my mom’s house where I will finish high school and go to college to become a registered nurse.  My teachers, principal, therapists, staff, and peers at Devereux Mapleton motivated me to want more for myself and helped me believe that I am capable of achieving my goals.
- Geneva, Former Student

When I arrived here I was not the happiest person.  I was acting like an ignorant teenager.  But I want to thank the Devereux staff for all they have taught me during my stay.  I am so appreciative for the activities and inspiring group discussions that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
- Katie, Former Student

Children’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

We were one of the lucky ones to get elected to go to Devereux. We would recommend it to any parents.  They worked with our family specifically for our needs.
- Sue Sautter, Devereux Parent

Deshanee has shown so much improvement since going to Devereux.  Her progress has not only been within the compounds of the program, but has also carried over to her behavior at home during her visits.  Devereux has been such a great help to not only Deshanee, but to the entire family, we are so grateful for all that Devereux has done.
- Barbara Wellington, Devereux Grandparent

I would highly recommend Devereux – CIDDS for any child or adult that can benefit from their services and staff.  These people really know their stuff and have been wonderful through the entire process.  They have been great with my son, great for my son and great to me and considerate of my desires and feelings for Dennis.
- A Satisfied Parent

Community Services

Devereux really seemed to be the best place for my daughter Annie.  It was the best in terms of what the curriculum was including the positive behavior supports that they use and the reinforcements. The environment and the staff is what I was most impressed with.  The staff got to know our names—they are very caring.  The changes in our life have just been so wonderful, optimistic and hopeful.
- Amy Kelly, Devereux parent

I just wanted to thank you for giving us such an excellent Behavior Specialist, Chris, to work with my son. He is now in sixth grade, in middle school in the learning support class and received Distinguished Honors for the First Quarter 2012. We are so proud of his accomplishments. It would not have been possible without Chris's support and dedication.

It's not often you find a person so dedicated to his work as we have found in Chris. He was always ready to answer any questions or concerns we had, anytime, whether it was his day to see our son or not. Chris would always respond promptly to help.

I just had to acknowledge the great job Chris did in working with our son to get him to where he is today - a confident young man.

- Grateful Devereux Parent

The CAAPP (Community Adult Autism Partnership Program) has really positively affected my life in so many ways.  They've helped me to stay calm during times of distress and focus on what needs to be done.  I've also been able to gain a lot more independence in multiple areas including (but not limited to) transportation, working, budgeting, cooking and other life skills.  My favorite way that they have positively impacted my life, though, is by taking some of the work load off of my parents.
- Erin Clemens, participant in Devereux Pennsylvania’s CAAPP program


I was very nervous when my son Benjamin graduated High School.  What would he do? Would he be ok?

Devereux is my security blanket, I feel wonderful every morning he gets on the van to go Devereux Pocono’s School-to-Work Transition Program.

- Karen Martin, Devereux Parent

My brother currently resides at Devereux Pocono Center.  It is by far the best place for him.  My brother and family went through five years of harrowing experiences, from nursing homes, psych wards to group homes.  Devereux is definitely the closest thing to a home-like atmosphere.  The employees are superb human beings.
- Devereux Family Member

I have been coming to Devereux for many years and I am grateful.  I really like working here and have made many friends.  I have grown since I started here.
- Carlos, Pocono Day Program Participant