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Substance Use Treatment

Our boys and girls programs incorporate education and treatment on substance use, where appropriate. The goal is to help young people recognize, manage and/or eliminate substance use and the risk factors associated with use.

Young people who enter treatment vary in their motivation and desire to change their substance-related behaviors. We determine the treatment modality that would be most effective in helping them address their issues. Treatment is stage-specific and designed to reinforce changes that have been made and to encourage new changes.

An important aspect of treatment is the focus on Replacement Behaviors. We help clients understand the function of their substance use related behaviors, and then help them find a new way to fulfill that functional need, but without the reliance on substances.

Devereux’s Relational Approach of developing positive relationships between clients and staff is important in creating a treatment environment that is safe, warm, predictable and empathetic to help clients feel competent and successful. Behavior change techniques are most effective when they are employed in the context of a positive relationship.