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Pre-Vocational Program

Devereux Massachusetts - Pre-Vocational Program

The overall goal of Devereux’s pre-vocational program is to provide opportunities in a supportive nurturing environment to prepare students for successful community employment and future career goals. The skills addressed include, working as a team member, commercial housekeeping abilities, cafeteria line work, basic administrative assistance work, auto certificate program, maintenance training program, and culinary arts training. Students receive job coaching and individual and group training, depending on the program. Job searching skills, job retention and the beginning stages of career exploration are also taught.

  • Culinary Arts - Each student enrolled in this program will develop appropriate job skills and behaviors for acquiring and maintaining an entry level position in the food industry. Skill development includes: food preparation, awareness and maintenance of safe and sanitary food conditions, and the use of kitchen equipment.
  • Auto Mechanics - The focus of this program is to give students the opportunity to become familiar with maintaining various types of automobiles. Skill development includes: assessment of vehicle for cleanliness and interior/exterior damage, oil changes, and tire rotation. Students also acquire a working knowledge of brake, suspension and exhaust systems.
  • Maintenance - The students develop appropriate basic job skills and behaviors related to the maintenance of grounds and building structures. Such skills include, but are not limited to: safety, teamwork and the use of tools related to plumbing, grounds keeping, electrical work, carpentry and welding.
  • Woodworking - The students have an opportunity to develop pre-carpentry skills. Advanced carpentry skills are available in a collaborative effort with the Devereux Maintenance Department. Shop and tool safety, project planning and creativity are objectives in the woodworking curriculum.

"I felt that no one could parent Josh as well as I could. I was wrong. He was cared for and nurtured by the most caring, warm, and loving group of wonderful people. I look at my son today and I give Devereux full credit." -- Lois Brown, parent