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Referral Process - Intensive Residential Treatment

Thank you for your interest in Devereux's Intensive Residential Program. If we can assist you with a referral, please contact our Admissions Staff:


First Step - To make a referral we request that all referring reports and any clinical evaluations be forwarded to our Admissions Department. These documents can include but are not limited to: Psychological Evaluation, Psychiatric Assessment, Admission/Discharge assessments for hospital stays, and any other records that will give us information on current behaviors and needs. Once the documents are received, our Admissions Staff will review the information and present to our physician for final review. Our Admission Staff will process your referral as quickly as possible and you should hear back from Admissions within 24 hours of receipt of documents.

Second Step - Once approved for admission, we will need the following documents for admission:

  • School Records (IEP, transcript, report cards)
  • Immunization Record
  • Current Custody or Commitment Order, if applicable
  • Copy of birth certificate and social security card
  • PRTF Referral Summary Form (if APS Medicaid)
  • Copy (front/back) of all private insurance cards
  • Completed Devereux Application Form


Devereux works with numerous funding sources and our experienced Admission Staff will be able to assist you in the funding approval process. Devereux is a Georgia Medicaid provider and we accept all Medicaid CMO plans. In addition, we accept some private insurance plans, self pay, Department of Education funding, and other funding sources. We also work with many out of state Medicaid and agency funders. Please contact our Admission Staff for a complete listing and for assistance with funding.