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Brief Intervention Program (BIP) - Tucson

Devereux’s Brief Intervention Program (BIP) is a licensed behavioral health residential setting which includes 24-hour supervision and therapeutic services.

Services are designed for youth who have significant deficits in social, behavioral, psychiatric, and psychological functioning and who require active treatment in an environment with a high degree of oversight, intensive programming, treatment, and continuous supervision provided by professional behavioral health staff to stabilize current crisis.

Residential services provide the opportunity to identify a youth’s treatment needs in collaboration with the intake agency and the child and family team (CFT) to facilitate the youth’s return to their home, a foster home or a community-based setting.

BIP Services

  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Structured milieu
  • 24-hour supervision in a safe and secure facility
  • Family engagement
  • Positive Behavior Intervention supports (PBIS)

BIP Length of Stay

The length of stay is brief and targeted for short-term interventions of 10-15 days with the goal of working intensively with the assigned intake agency to return the adolescent to their home, foster home or community-based placement as quickly as possible.

BIP Eligible Populations

  • Are title 19 or Title 21 eligible and enrolled
  •  Are male/female youth 9-17 years of age
  • Have a mental health diagnoses defined by the current DSMV
  • Present with challenging behaviors
  • Have had previous treatment modalities/services that have not fully addressed underlying needs

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