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Devereux California Newsletters

What's Happening at Devereux California … August 2017

This month, we celebrated the retirement of Jackie Markel, one of our individuals who worked in our administration offices. Jackie was recognized for 30 years of dedicated service, hard work and her sense of humor. We will miss Jackie’s smiling face, but we wish her well as she begins this new chapter in her life.


Fires in Santa Barbara County

You may have heard about the fires in Santa Barbara at the end of July. Under the expert direction of our Security Manager Mory Alvarez, the Devereux Emergency Response Team (DERT) evacuated three of our individuals, all of whom have returned safely to their homes. Our DERT works with community officials when an emergency situation like this occurs to ensure the safety of all of Devereux individuals.  

Mailing to Devereux 

If you need to mail a letter to Devereux California, please send to our post office box at the following address:

P.O. Box 6784
Santa Barbara, CA 93160 

If you need to mail a package via UPS, FedEx or any other carrier, please mail to our physical address at: 

6980 Falberg Way
Goleta, CA 93117  

Important Phone Numbers at Devereux California 

  • Main Reception/Switchboard:  (805) 968-2525
  • Finance: (805) 879-0307
  • Adult Day Program: (805) 879-0300
  • Casa Feliz Staff Office: (805) 879-0330
  • Mark Villa Staff Office: (805) 879-0334
  • Weisman Staff Office: (805) 879-0338
  • Encina Office: (805) 698-1196
  • Somerset Office (805) 324-4833
  • Clinical Director: (805) 879-0350
  • Lompoc Office (805) 736-7320
  • Office of External Affairs/Development (805) 879-0307
  • Human Resources (805) 879-0325
  • Executive Director (805) 879-0392
  • Program Director (805) 879-0306  

Devereux California Staff News 

Devereux California congratulates Josefina Fernandez who was promoted to assistant supervisor of Casa Feliz and Mark Villa. 

We also welcome Evan Tambini as program coordinator for our Supported Living Services in Lompoc; Tamika Harris as program administrator for our Foothill home; and Denise Omana as the new Assistant Supervisor.  

Program Highlight: Supported and Independent Living Services

Devereux Supported Living Services (SLS) and Independent Living Services (ILS) are designed to provide another living option for adults with disabilities who would like to live in the community. We are able to work with a wide range of individuals, from those who need only minimal to those who need 24-hour support.  

All those supported by Devereux via these programs have the opportunity – within their economic, social and developmental ability – to choose where and with whom they live. The support our individuals receive helps build and maintain important relationships and develops community inclusion. As an adult, the supported individual has the right to choose the specific support staff who will work with them in their homes. Devereux’s Supported Living Services provide planned supports to individuals to help them meet their daily living needs and to support their long range goals. Primary long range goals includes living successfully in the community as independently as possible. 

Who’s Who in the Supported Living Services program: 

  • Ha Nguyen – Program Administrator
  • Tammy Cowie – Program Coordinator
  • Jesus Navarro – Program Coordinator
  • Chase Manoukian – Program Coordinator
  • Evan Tambini – Program Coordinator, Lompoc  

Wish List: Our Adult Day Program is in need of soft balls, recreational equipment, computers, IPads and other learning tools to meet the program’s objectives for behavioral and vocational skill-building. If you are interested in donating, please contact program director Julie Badella at or call (805) 879-0306. 

We currently serve more than 90 individuals in our residential facilities, and their own homes, throughout the Santa Barbara community – and that number continues to grow. Thank you to our Devereux families, individuals, staff, Advisory Board members, donors and all those who make it possible to continue the mission of our founder – Helena Devereux.  

To support Devereux California with a gift, please contact the Office of External Affairs at (805) 879-0307. 

The Greenhouse at the Goleta Farmers Market

If you plan to visit the Goleta Farmers Market, make sure to stop by the Devereux California booth, where participants in our Adult Day Program will sell Succulent plants and herbs grown in our very own Devereux Greenhouse.

The Devereux Greenhouse is also open for sales on Friday mornings, from 9:30 a.m.–12 p.m., as part of our Adult Day Program.   

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